It is about love, patience and healing -- Knowless on new song

In the song, Knowless mentions someone who had lost hope in love and had completely given up on finding love but eventually they meet a lover who restores their hope in love.
Knowless Butera’s one of today’s most influential female singers in the country, and her songs touch on such themes as romantic relationships, societal issues and daily life. Courtesy.

In her own words, it’s a love song that touched her soul and one written from the heart—it does not matter whether it is about herself or not.

But, for Knowless Butera, real name Jeanne d’Arc Butera, anyone who has been through hell and found love again deserves time to heal.

That is the message in the songbird’s latest track titled, “Day-to-Day”, which talks about finding love again, taking time to heal the wounds from the past toxic relationships, and appreciating your new lover.

Many will speculate that Knowless Butera sung about her love life, which has been a subject of scrutiny for local tabloids, which have keenly followed her relationships ever since she broke onto the music scene close to 10 years ago.

Even tying the knot with her boo and producer Clement Ishimwe did not stop the local media from meddling into her love life.

But for Knowless, while the song touches her heart, it might not necessarily be about herself but it can relate to anybody who has gone through a bad relationship in the past and then found someone new and requires time to heal.

“My new song is basically about someone who just found love, but they have been through a bad relationship,” said the songstress, adding that: “Eventually the person finds someone who truly loves them. As they adjust to the new found love, they request for time to heal and beg the lover to understand their situation.”

She added: “It happens to all of us. We all need that person that truly loves us. When we do find that person, we try to heal ourselves from whatever we have gone through in the past and at the same time appreciate the new person who truly loves and adores us.”

In the song, Knowless mentions someone, who had lost hope in love and had completely given up on finding love but eventually they meet a lover who restores their hope in love.

“When you finally find love, you ask your new lover to be patient as you adjust to the new found love and learn how to be a better lover again. Often people take time to heal from painful past experience, which affects how they relate with their current lover,” she told The New Times.

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The ‘Urugero’ singer said this is something many people experience because people fall in and out of love.

The song was produced by her husband’s label, Kina Music, and will be part of her 5th album, which she said will be released later this year.

“Day to day” already has a lyric video on YouTube which is fast racking up views. She said the official video will be released in coming days.

The love jam is mainly in Kinyarwanda, with lines in English, and in a true Knowless style, it has a touch of zouk and Afrobeat fused together to create a slow and sensual feel.

The Primus Guma Guma Super Star Season 5 winner has consistently been producing songs which have been making it to regional charts, especially on Trace Mziki, the most recent being “Urugero” released in November last year and “Iri Joro ni Bae” with DJ Miller, Dream Boys and Riderman.

Others which have made it to regional charts include “Mbaye wowe”, which she did with Passy, formerly of defunct boy group TNP and “Winning team” among other hits.

The mother of one also collaborated with Tanzania’s Ben Pol to produce “Darling”, which has since garnered over 1.4 million views.

“We are working on a number of songs which will be on my 5th album,” the singer said, indicating that she is not about to stop.