Ines Rutayisire Umurerwa
Ines Rutayisire Umurerwa
The New Times
Ways to work a fulfilling career
You need to know the market you are targeting. / Net photo.
Entrepreneurship: How to launch a successful business
The New Times
Marriage: Are all adults cut out for it?
Itu2019s relevant for employees to have a voice when it comes to the planning and execution of a companyu2019s objectives. / Net photo.
The workplace and technology: How are companies coping?
Everything that comes out of bullying is negative and creates a negative impact. / Net photo.
Workplace bullying: How can managers eliminate the vice?
Schools can be places for nurturing students beyond teaching them how to read and write. / Net photo.
Grooming students with proper manners matters when done at an early age
some of his students that he teaches .Photos / courtesy.
How a young musician is committed to inspire many to play guitar
The New Times
FEATURED: Civil society renews call for promotion of sexuality health rights
There are side effects from some contraceptive methods but they can be treated. Photo/ net.
Myths and facts about contraception
The New Times
Weddings: How far should couples go with celebration?
They educate each other as they participate in events commemorating the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi. / Courtesy photos
Respect memories of the past to build a strong future for Rwanda- Youth activist
The New Times
Pink Lady: Surviving for 27 years is the tool for anyone who thinks breast cancer is a death sentence
Nellie Ingabire at her farm located in Nyamata, where she lives with her children. / Photos by Willy Mucyo
Why one woman ditched life abroad to start agri-business in Nyamata
Leaders play a major part in influencing the workplace culture. / Net photo.
Why you should create a positive work culture for your company
The New Times
EALA lawmakers in Kigali over sexual and reproductive health bill
The New Times
Phone snooping: What does this mean?
The New Times
How to deal with workplace sexism
The New Times
Ways to encourage shy employees to speak up

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