Gitura Mwaura
Gitura Mwaura
Members of the group that is translating that toolkit on sexual and reproductive health to address teen pregnancies,  from English into Kinyarwanda. File
Toolkit could give more edge to arsenal against teen pregnancies
The global population during Malthus’s time in the 1800s was around one billion people. Today it is 8 billion and doing relatively fine. Internet
Despite humanity’s challenges, population growth holds important answers
RwandAir's plane taking off at Kigali International Airport. File
Heed the EALA motion, remove restrictions on airspace
A scientist sorting some  medical marijuna leaves in a plantation farm.
Legalising medicinal cannabis in Africa good and reminiscent of history
Israel Mbonyi’s runaway Kiswahili gospel tune “Nina Siri (I have a secret)” had garnered a whopping 39 million views on YouTube. PHOTO BY DAN GATSINZI
Mbonyi’s rousing dance: A secular cultural Christian’s take
An agric worker sorting potato seedlings at Musanze-based greenhouse. Rwanda, on February 21, promulgated a law governing biosafety. PHOTO BY SAM NGENDAHIMANA
On EAC’s GMO disharmony and little-known GM mosquito research
Employees were captured working at Rwanda Nuts, located in Gasabo District, Kigali. The factory processes the macadamia seeds for export. On February 7th 2024. Photo by Craish Bahizi
Africa is not perfect, but much about it is debatable
One of robots dubbed 'Urumuri', that was deployed to Kigali International Airport to conduct mass screening of temperature during the Covid-19 period (Sam Ngendahimana)
How AI readiness places Rwanda on the continental pedestal
African authors could borrow from national public libraries in the East African Community. Courtesy
EAC now boasts some national public e-libraries, but by how much?
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Why EAC is destined to quench on its fossil fuels despite climate change
The New Times
Why instituting longer paternity leave in Africa is not simple
The New Times
How CEOs can boost investment in local tech start-ups
The New Times
Wishlist as EAC looks to revamp roaming framework
The New Times
Banks should hasten joining the AFCFTA payment system
The New Times
Starlink is here but Rwanda has bigger ambitions
A view of a dried beans plantation in Eastern Province. According to RAB at least 78,000 hectares of bean crop farms across the country were affected by dry spells during agricultural season A.
Something is missing in mitigating effects of drought, and it could be knowledge
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East Africa tech commission deserves more political support
The New Times
ChatGPT is here to stay. Time we started having that conversation

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