Safi cancels plan to join politics

Many musicians around the world have quit music in favour of politics. We have seen musicians in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda joining politics. And in Rwanda, this happened last year when R&B singer Safi Madiba announced that he was planning to run for Member of Parliament.

But it seems like this plan has been put on hold. We are told that the singer has questions concerning the process and that he is yet to understand what it takes to be an MP.

Some even claim that he made the announcement as a publicity stunt. Let’s see how this goes.


 Socialite Shaddy Boo back to her ex lover

Shaddy Boo is one of Rwanda’s top socialites and an easy target for gossip. Scandalous rumours tend to follow her, the last one being that she is pregnant with some city tycoon whose name is yet to be known. Is she or not? We are yet to confirm that rumour. The socialite has two kids with her former ex Meddy Saleh, who is arguably one of the best music producers in town. But like many celebrity relationships, theirs too ended over two years ago. However, the two continued to raise their daughters even when separated. But it looks like they are now getting closer, if their recent posts on Instagram are anything to go by.

Saleh posted a picture of the socialite in bed captioned; “Lighting is everything,” and Shaddy Boo, known as a ‘social media queen’, posted a video of her sitting with Saleh in a quite dark place with the former holding a glass of wine. The video was captioned “coming soon.”

Close sources say that the two have been linked romantically again. The socialite was also rumoured to be dating Tanzania’s Diamond Platnumz and rapper AY.


Is Diamond ‘rekindling’ his old flame Wema Sepetu?

A video has emerged online showing Bongo singer Diamond Platnumz and his old flame model Wema Sepetu getting cosy at an event organised by the crooner’s music record label Wasafi.

The clip begins with Diamond giving Wema a lengthy hug and then proceeds to greet the people around. He then takes his attention back to Wema, holding her on the shoulders.

Wema reciprocates the embrace by placing her hand on the singer’s waist. The two engage in small talk and at one point Diamond is seen pushing Wema’s head to rest on his chest, while they continue whispering in each other’s ears.

The clip, which has since gone viral, has left many fans of the two celebrities wondering whether they might be rekindling their love affair.

The former Miss Tanzania was among the first women to date the Salome hit maker when he was starting out as a singer.

Diamond later left Wema to be with his current partner Zari Hassan with whom they have two children. However, the singer’s life has since been riddled with endless baby mama drama that has seemingly strained his relationship with Zari.


Boy band Active’s Derek back to school

Word on the street is that boy band Active might be heading for a split. Fans are wondering what will become of the group after one of its members declared that he was going back to school.

Lead singer Derek was recently spotted at Nyundo School of Music and Arts. It is said that the singer was given a scholarship to pursue music studies at the school.

The R&B singer announced that although making music is his passion, it is time to go back to get official music training which will help him advance his career.

Sources tell us that the singer is trying to figure out how he can balance school and his career as part of the group.

We will keep you posted.


Jose Chameleone to perform at all Goodlyfe booked shows

As most people know now, singer Mowzey Radio, real name Moses Sekibogo, passed away at one of the major private hospitals in the capital Kampala in the early hours of Thursday morning.

The 33-year-old artiste who many describe as ‘Uganda’s greatest vocalist and songwriter’ succumbed to injuries sustained in a bar brawl two weeks ago.

The doctors at Case Clinic held a press conference on Thursday to explain the details of Radio’s injuries, treatment and death to his fans who have since flocked the hospital.

Together Radio and Weasel produced several chart topping hits for Ugandans and were recognised on the continental and global stage at the All Africa Music Awards, MTV Africa Music Awards and the Black Entertainment Awards (BET).

The dynamic duo celebrated 10 years of musical success last year at a mega concert in the capital, Kampala.

Previously, following the sad incident that left the singer hospitalised in a very critical condition, singer Jose Chameleone, volunteered to step in and perform at all the Radio and Weasel shows for which they were booked and paid.

The Goodlyfe manager revealed that they had so far missed three shows in a space of two days, which did not go well with promoters who at the time did not understand the situation.

Jose Chameleone said “I will perform at booked Radio and Weasel concerts for which they were booked if the organisers have no problem with me making an appearance instead.” Chameleone also called upon authorities to speed up the investigation into the matter that resulted in the scuffle, and that the person that caused his death is brought to justice. RIP Mowzey Radio.