BRD pledges more support toward skills devt in schools


The development Bank of Rwanda (BRD) has pledged more support to the education sector to fund skills development and projects that accelerate sustainable growth.

Indian agro-processor eyes Rwandan market

Arjun Beeswax lndustries, an India-based agro-processing firm, will soon set up shop in Rwanda, Arjun Bheda, the managing partner, said in a statement.


DR Congo come from behind to win classic tie

DR Congo ended the fairytale run of neighbours Congo when they came from behind to win 4-2 and qualify for the semi-finals of the 2015 CAF Africa Cup of Nations.

APR, Police faceoff in anti-HIV tourney final

APR yesterday defeated AS Kigali 2-0 to set up an epic final against Police in a two-day anti-HIV football tournament sponsored by Society for Family Health Rwanda.

Streaming Rwandan music to global markets


Over the past six to eight years or so, the Rwandan music industry has made remarkable strides. Undeniably, the quality of production--both audio and video has improved tremendously, thus helping musicians attain a larger audience than before.

DJ Rovers still hopes to become an electrical engineer

Rovers Ganyata a.k.a DJ Rovers is the resident disc spinner at The Manor Hotel in Nyarutarama. The 28-year-old grew up in Kampala, Uganda, where he also honed his skills on the decks. Rovers is a product of Rwandan and Ugandan parents and feels at home in Rwanda and Uganda. Moses...

In the footsteps of Ndabaga, the legendary trailblazer


On Sunday, February 1, Rwandans will mark the Heroes Day. There are known national heroes who are celebrated for various outstanding accomplishments.

My skin itches, do I have cancer?

Dear Doctor, Last month I was plagued by chronic itching all over my upper body. It hurts a lot and I end up getting sores all over my body. I consulted with my doctor but he seems not to know what causes the itching.

Does East Africa need affirmative action to feature at Afcon?


The other day Kenya hit the global news mark when policemen lobbed tear gas at children who were protesting the grabbing of their school playground. I call it the global news mark because many a time only something tragic can earn you a slot on the BBC or CNN news...

Tribute to Rwanda's gendernomics


It's funny how simple questions can turn-out to be complicated even to exceptionally witty minds; here's an example, three birds were patched on a twig when two of them decided to fly away, how many birds remained behind?


Editorial cartoon of the day


Online shoppers have been cheated before but now criminals have turned to SIM card technology to evade being tracked down by authorities. In 2012, a new law was adopted requiring that every SIM card be registered in order to minimise crimes/fraud using mobile phones. However, it has come to light that some agents register SIM cards without going through proper channels.

Nots impacts families; Invests in renewable energy

By Michel Nkurunziza The government of Rwanda is working to increase energy capacity through different projects. Rwanda’s current installed capacity is 119MW and government tar-gets 563MW by 2017 mainly from hydro, peat, methane, geothermal and solar.

Cracking the Unemployment and Underemployment Complexities - Why the Neoclassical Framework is Inadequate and Why Holistic and Innovative Approaches are Essential (Part 1)

By Lamin M. Manneh, UN Resident Coordinator in Rwanda At the opening ceremony of the WEDF Conference held in Kigali in September 2014, H.E. President Paul Kagame reminded us about the strong desire ex-pressed by people for decent and productive jobs in virtually all corners of the earth through different on-line and off -line surveys as well as social media, including the UN Secretary-General’s global "the world we want"¯ survey for the post-2015 development agenda.

Rwanda to commence construction of bigger Power Projects in 2015 to add more than 300MW on national grid

Infrastructure development in Rwanda; both hard and soft, has been given a high-table consideration in the country's development process.

WDA: Treading the path towards national development

The government has come up with various development programs aimed at achieving national development aspirations and international development commitments.

Transport improves as new term opens


The beginning of Third Term last year was a nightmare for many students. As reported in our August 13, 2014 edition, students complained about the difficulties they experienced in search for vehicles to school.

Empowering women: The Akilah model


It is amazing to see the great strides that this country has made in advancing women’s rights especially through education for girls and women. Historically, women were marginalized and their roles in society limited to crop cultivation, childbearing and looking after their husbands.

What it takes to nurture a baby using Kangaroo Mothercare


Tiny, helpless and extremely fragile is how a premature born baby looks like when it comes into the new world. Preterm infants were often taken to incubators and this caused a distress for both the mother and the baby since they were often separated for long.

A torn net is a bad net and a bad user is a mosquito prey


Most mosquito bites occur at night but some mosquitoes reach out for blood even during the day. Fortunately, malaria alleviation moved a step forward, last year, with the World Health Organisation reporting a reduction in deaths by half, but what does this mean for sub-Saharan Africa, the most affected region?