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    New envoys present credentials, pledge to strengthen economic ties

    Five new ambassadors accredited to Rwanda yesterday presented their letters of credence to President Paul Kagame and expressed commitment to strengthen bilateral ties between their respective countries and Rwanda.

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    Rwandans share wishes for nation building

    For the past few days, the word Twahisemo has been trending on various social media platforms that are popular among Rwandan users, including Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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    Positive rating opens doors to ‘cheap’ loans

    Rwanda’s opportunities for flexible loans increased further after another international credit rating agency, Standard & Poor’s (S&P), revised the country’s long- and short-term credit ratings from ‘Stable’ to ‘Positive.’

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    Mushikiwabo urges cooperation to harness regional security

    Regional countries have varying capacities which, if properly harnessed, can enhance regional peace and security. This was said yesterday by Foreign Affairs minister Louise Mushikiwabo at the opening of a two-day regional military and security...

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    New initiative to boost women entrepreneurs

    The International Trade Centre (ITC) has launched a new initiative expected to push for increased participation of women entrepreneurs in public procurement.

Pension law review could end woes of pensioners


Pensioners have for long complained about what they call peanut benefits. According to the pensioners’ association, retirees receive miserably low monthly pension payments, which “do not reflect the economic realities of today”.

Ruhango women, exporter join hands to fight poverty


On a sunny Wednesday afternoon we snake our way to a homestead where a group of women runs a courtage industry. As we approach, a group of women seems to be in deep meditation. However, as we get closer I notice that the women are actually busy weaving baskets.


Habineza refutes ‘unilateral bid’ for 2017 Nations Cup


THE Minister for Sports and Culture Joseph Habineza has denied media reports that Rwanda is planning to go it alone in bidding to host the 2017 Africa Cup of Nations.

RRA, APR win Imbuto Foundation V-ball league


APR and Rwanda Revenue Authority were on Sunday crowned Imbuto Foundation Volleyball league champions for men and women categories after winning their semi-final playoff matches.


Exposed: Lodges turn into sex dens for school girls


The media recently reported that students who show up late for school are locked out. Critics castigated this policy and urged school authorities to take other measures in dealing with latecomers. The worry is where do the students who are turned away go?

I hate people who...

…always ask if you still reside somewhere. I am honestly sick and tired of these people who always seem to have nothing of importance to release from their mouths. The kind who whenever they meet you they ask you that same annoying question of whether you still reside where you...

iDebate founder Christine Teta on women driven social causes


In a casual conversation, Christine Teta uses phrases like ‘I beg to disagree’ or ‘I am in full support of that’ as if she were debating. And this comes as no surprise because debating is clearly one of the things she cares most about.

Is the law on inheritance gender biased?


25-year-old Clarisse Ingabire has for the last four years been in and out of court over a property inheritance wrangle with her maternal aunt. The bone of contention is property that belonged to her late father.

Why FDLR continues to play games


The genocidal Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda (FDLR) that operates in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) should have ceased to exist almost a year ago if United Nations assurances had been carried through.

The Legacy of Dr. Richard Kandt (Part I)

Over the years, I have paid little attention to understand the history of Kigali City, and in part that of colonial Rwanda. We tend to leave this kind of knowledge to researchers and historians.


Editorial cartoon of the day


How come when fuel prices go down fares remain the same and when fuel goes up fares too go up!

The International Day of Democracy: Engaging Young People on Democracy

On September 15th 2014, Rwanda, will be observing the International Day of Democracy. Every year, Rwanda joins the world to observe this important Day.


Ikigo cy'Imisoro n'Amahoro (RRA) kirasaba abasora bari ku rutonde rukurikira babereyemo Leta imyenda y'imisoro, kuba bishyuye iyo myenda mu gihe kitarenze iminsi irindwi (7) uhereye umunsi iri tangazo ryasohokeyeho.

Cyuda: Providing specific-needs technologies

Rwanda’s journey of reconstruction and total transformation in the last 20 years has been characterized by a number of innovations to meet the competing but equally important needs.

Offering professional solutions: Ten years in Rwanda and counting

Every human has needs that ought to be met every day. But like the adage goes “water is life” the need to have access to clean water is one of the overarching ones that should be solved for people to live comfortably.

Why are students sharing beds in universities?


An investigation carried out last week by The Education Times, in several halls of residence and hostels belonging to different institutions has revealed that hundreds of university students around the country are sharing beds in a bid to minimise costs.

Inspiring a reading culture in schools

Expressly, reading is very fascinating. Oh yes it is! For the time I have read books, I have found it really interesting and every other time I read a book my enthusiasm increases at the last word of the ending paragraph.

Blood is drained and then pumped into the body to rescucitate the dead


Futuristic: Bringing the dead back to life A radical procedure that involves replacing a patient’s blood with cold salt water could retrieve people from the brink of death.

The trials and tribulations of Living with haemophilia

Moses Murekate’s health deteriorates whenever he gets a simple infection or accident. Playing without the watchful eyes of his parents is nearly impossible to the 3-year-old.