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    Why Senate president resigned

    Dr Jean Damascène Ntawukuliryayo stepped down as Senate president yesterday after 15 members of the Upper House signed a petition calling for an extra ordinary session to deliberate on his leadership style and conduct.

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    Does govt give too much to start-ups?

    The government might be giving away ‘too much’ money to start-up businesses in form of capital through programmes such as Hanga Umurimo which could result in heavy financial loss, an expert at the just-concluded World...

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    Africa urged to push for joint tourism agenda

    Tourism in Africa will tremendously improve if the continent’s image is promoted by regional blocs rather than individual countries, experts have said.

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    Community mediators’ role in solving conflicts hailed

    Officials have commended the role played by community mediators, locally known as Abunzi, in solving local disputes and finding common grounds for citizens, which they say has greatly impacted the socio-economic lives of the population.

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    Govt extends orphanage phase out deadline

    Government, through the National Commission for Children (NCC), has extended the deadline to have all children in orphanages across the country join foster families to 2016.

Rwandan peacekeepers in S. Sudan build school

The Rwandan contingent in the UN Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS), last weekend started construction of a primary school in their area of operation, as part of the community development programme, Umuganda.

EAC uniform roaming charges set for October 1


Making calls while travelling across Rwanda, Kenya and Uganda will, beginning October 1, be more affordable after telecom firms operating in the three countries agreed to reduce and harmonise roaming fees, according to Patrick Nyirishema, the director general of the Rwanda Utilities Regulatory Agency (Rura).

Airtel boosts financial inclusion drive

Government’s efforts geared at ensuring that all Rwandans access financial services have been boosted by Airtel Rwanda, which has scrapped charges on Airtel Money service transactions.


Brian Lara’s charity match raises Rwf44 million for cricket stadium


Over £50,000 (about Rwf44.3m) was raised as a team of cricket stars came together under the leadership of West Indies legend Brian Lara in a charity match played on Monday at the picturesque Wormsley Cricket Ground on the Getty Family Estate in Buckinghamshire.

Habineza urges federations to focus on spotting talent

The Minister of Sports and Culture Joseph Habineza has urged sports federations to focus on empowering grassroots identification so as to have competent sportsmen and women in future.


Is Rwanda back into Big Brother Africa?


Rwanda's aspiring Big Brother Africa housemates finally have something to smile about, as reports emerge that they might finally take part in Africa’s most watched television reality show.

Stars who will rock Rwanda Day


Five local artistes jetted out of the country yesterday, ahead of the 6th edition of Rwanda Day, scheduled to take place in Atlanta, Georgia on September 20. King James, Sophie Nzayisenga, Jules Sentore, Diana Teta and Intore Masamba are the main entertainers at this year’s event.

Exposed: Lodges turn into sex dens for school girls


The media recently reported that students who show up late for school are locked out. Critics castigated this policy and urged school authorities to take other measures in dealing with latecomers. The worry is where do the students who are turned away go?

I hate people who...

…always ask if you still reside somewhere. I am honestly sick and tired of these people who always seem to have nothing of importance to release from their mouths. The kind who whenever they meet you they ask you that same annoying question of whether you still reside where you...

Is the sports revolution eating its female children?


WHEN the women’s national basketball team received an invitation to participate in the annual FIBA Zone Five Championships in Uganda, the female youngsters got to work but their efforts and hopes of clinching the title were thwarted when they received news that they won’t be able to participate in the...

Ask the Doctor: Will I be able to have kids?

I have very irregular periods and have been told that I have polycystic ovaries. I am very worried about this and don’t know the long-term implications. Does it mean I will find it hard to get pregnant? Am I at risk of getting ovarian cancer? How can I get more...

Rwanda Day is an indication that the Diaspora matters just as much


THE SIXTH edition of Rwanda Day is here – this time, thousands of Rwandans as well as friends of Rwanda living in the United States will convene in Atlanta, Georgia on September 20 2014, to celebrate 20 years of our country’s liberation, and to reflect on the progress made thus...

EDITORIAL: Women should compete with confidence economically

RWANDA PRIDES itself for being one of the countries that actively promote gender parity where women enjoy the same rights as their male counterparts.


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Lack of financial skills, coupled with a poor savings culture, could be one of the main reasons non-performing loans in the microfinance industry are going up, sector experts have said.

The International Day of Democracy: Engaging Young People on Democracy

On September 15th 2014, Rwanda, will be observing the International Day of Democracy. Every year, Rwanda joins the world to observe this important Day.


Ikigo cy'Imisoro n'Amahoro (RRA) kirasaba abasora bari ku rutonde rukurikira babereyemo Leta imyenda y'imisoro, kuba bishyuye iyo myenda mu gihe kitarenze iminsi irindwi (7) uhereye umunsi iri tangazo ryasohokeyeho.

Cyuda: Providing specific-needs technologies

Rwanda’s journey of reconstruction and total transformation in the last 20 years has been characterized by a number of innovations to meet the competing but equally important needs.

Offering professional solutions: Ten years in Rwanda and counting

Every human has needs that ought to be met every day. But like the adage goes “water is life” the need to have access to clean water is one of the overarching ones that should be solved for people to live comfortably.

More university students to gain from revised loan scheme


Although resolute efforts by the government mainly aim at skills development and education for all, needy students seeking for sponsorship through bursaries and loans will have to apply through a timely competitive selection process following new guidelines from the Ministry of Education.

Expert Voice: Helping your child to become confident

Confidence is a strong feeling which, if one possesses, can be able to execute a given task successfully. It’s an incredibly inspiring source of knowledge, strength and achievement.

Biomedical centre gets modern mosquito lab


Rwanda Biomedical Centre (RBC) yesterday launched a standard identification laboratory for mosquitoes and other parasites. The lab is hoped will enable effective and certain control of malaria epidemic and other parasitic diseases (OPD).

Bringing the dead back to life


A radical procedure that involves replacing a patient’s blood with cold salt water could retrieve people from the brink of death.