VIDEO: 13-year-old Mugisha set to redefine gospel music


Mugisha is a young gifted singer and songwriter who wants to become a professional gospel singer when he grows up. / Faustin Niyigena

WITH just a pen and piece of paper, he locked himself in a room. Twenty five minutes later, he walked out with a song ready for recording.

This was in August 2015, when Mugisha (11 years old then) was a P.5 pupil at Saint Paul International School in Remera.

It was on a weekend at home, when Mugisha walked into a room, where he found his dad in deep concentration. He asked him what he was doing and he responded that he was writing a new song.

“I can also write a song,” Mugisha told his father, whose response was a challenge to the little boy to go ahead and write the song.

“It all happened so fast. It took me about 25 minutes to write this song and the rest is as you see it,” a soft-spoken Mugisha said in interview with The New Times, last week.

Mugisha’s song titled, You Are My Savior, was released two weeks ago.

Mugisha is the second-born to Bishop Kigabo and Sandrine Namucyo- both well recognized gospel artistes and worship leaders and members of Rehoboth Ministries.

Although he wrote the song two years ago, his parents wouldn’t allow him to go to the studios until after completing his Senior One.

“When Dad saw the song he couldn’t believe what he was seeing. And to his amazement, he said: “David you are a great composer and you will definitely go far with this.”

Mugisha’s dad made a promise of helping him go to studio and record once he was done with Primary school. And his father typed the lyrics on his computer, saving it for then.

“The agreement was that, after his P6, he will go in studio because I wanted him to grow up. During the last week of this previous holiday season, I reminded him about recording the song and I couldn’t believe the excitement on his face,” Kigabo said.

Eventually, Mugisha’s song titled, You are my Saviour, was released two weeks ago.

Mugisha is currently at Saint Ignace Secondary School, Kibagabaga in S.2.

At home, he has been known to be a disciplined kid with much interest in studies and “really serious about Gospel music” which he learns directly from his parents.

Balancing studies and the music career is often difficult for many but he believes he will “take one step at a time with guidance from my parents. Whatever they tell me, I will follow because they have been in music for long.”

“My dream is to lead more people to God and be a blessing to many through music,” Mugisha said.

During the interview, Mugisha was in company of his father.

“I am in shock. I didn’t know he was this eloquent,” Kigabo said of his son during the interview.

Mugisha is naturally a calm boy whose passion for music was evident from a very young age, according to his father.

“From the age of about 3 up to now, you would know that Mugisha is awake when you hear him sing in the corridors. He has always had interest in any new song on TV and radio, and makes passionate efforts to imitate what he hears and sees,” Kigabo said.

In an era where the music industry is marred with violation of copyrights and little pay, Mugisha’s father is ready to become the “best manager and advisor” for his son.