2018 is a defining year for my music career - Asinah


Singer Asinah Erra, real name Asinah Mukasine, says 2018 is her make-or-break year in the music industry. / Courtesy

Asinah Erra, real name Asinah Mukasine, has been in the music industry for three years and has released a couple of songs like ‘Do it’, ‘Mapenzi’, ‘Iz’Ubu’, and ‘Mapenzi’ among others. She began her singing career in 2015 shortly after she fell out with her longtime ex- boyfriend Hip hop star Riderman. She had a chat with Sunday Magazine’s Sharon Kantengwa on her musical journey so far, and her plans for the year.

How can you describe your musical journey from when you began?

I was inspired by different women in the music industry like Miss Shanelle, Miss Jojo, American singers Beyonce and Rihanna. It has been three years since I began doing music professionally and I am enjoying and liking it every day because I’ve got support from different people who are trying to push me and so far so good.

Why did you choose to pursue your music career after falling out with Riderman?

Let’s just say that it was coincidence that I began releasing my songs shortly after our breakup because even though I knew I could sing, I had not really thought of doing it, it was sort of a hidden talent.

Before I began singing I used to love dancing and I danced for different groups although I was based in Hotside from 2005 to 2007. By then I was not really interested in singing but as time went on, that is when I realized that I could sing and it so happened that I began singing professionally in 2015.

Can you say that for the three years that you have been pursuing music, it has been worth it?

Financially it has not really worked for me because I do not have a manager and it has really been hard for me because when you don’t have one, you have to do everything by yourself and it’s really hard. I need more support.

Why has it been hard getting a manager?

Many people think that supporting music is a waste of time and that’s not the way it is. Most Rwandans do not invest in music as much as they do with other companies. That’s why getting a reliable and committed manager has not been easy for me

Are you working on any collabos yet?

Yes. I have been working on local collabos like with Jay Polly, the project is done and we are left with shooting the video. I also had another collabo with Kenyan rapper Prezzo but we did not shoot the video because I had to come back for the burial of a family member but I will go back to Kenya to shoot the video soon.

It’s a very nice song which is in 3 languages; Swahili, English and Kinyarwanda although we haven’t chosen the name of song because I am planning to give it a Kinyarwanda title.

Is this a way of extending your music beyond borders?

Yes. I am really working on that. I also have other projects in Tanzania but they are not confirmed yet so I’m basically trying to work with East African artistes and get to know how they are doing, so I can also work with them.

What else are you doing other than singing?

I used to work with the Kigali Convention Centre as a guest relations executive before I left and right now I don’t have a job. I am just working on my music but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t work if I got a job because I was doing music while I was still working at the Kigali Convention Center.

What plans do you have this year, professionally?

2018, I am working so hard. I want to push on my music because this is the last year for me to get to know if I will go hard or go home. So by the end of 2018, I will know if I will go on with my music or find something else to do in life.

After falling out with Riderman, have you been in a relationship yet?

We are done and I am not dating anyone currently. I am putting dating aside and just focusing on my music. Maybe after sometime I can start dating.

Would you still date an artiste?

You never know who will come in your life because I do not believe in what people say about artistes or celebrities that such relationships never last.

Being an artiste is a job like any other and it doesn’t matter whether you date anyone in the music industry or not.