One-art Class project to unlock children talents


Children participating in the programme receive study material. / By Diane Mushimiyimana.

Gama Arts Rwanda has unveiled the One-art Class project to give free arts courses in areas of ceramics, painting, drawing and other art-related training to less privileged children and youth in rural schools to help them explore their creative minds and make their education more fun.

The programme targets children aged between four and 10 from all districts of the country who are likely to miss talent development opportunities.

Gulain Iradukunda, the One-art Class project manager, says though in recent years the arts industry has been booming, it has absorbed few artists due to the many undiscovered talents. This gap can be filled through the education system and artists themselves, she says.

“Education assisted with talent exploration makes learning easy and fun for kids. It also helps kids develop their talent at a tender age and become more passionate as they grow up.

“However, not all children in the country have access to this course. This is why we, as artists, have come up with this initiative to help these less privileged kids to explore their potential,” she said.

Iradukunda says the project was piloted in 2016 in four schools, namely; Jabana, Ndera, Hope and Sedi pre-schools. Gama Arts plans to provide at least 900 children and 50 schools with art courses in 2018.