Meet young talented Rwandan book authors


Young Rwandan writers posing for a group photo with various officials during Gira Igitabo Aho Uri campaign launch last week. (Photos by Diane Mushimiyimana)

Arise Education Rwanda in partnership with the Ministry of Sports and Culture and the Ministry of Education last week launched a yearlong book campaign dubbed “ Gira Igitabo Aho Uri”. The occasion also unveiled a co-authoring programme.

Gasana Mutesi , the founder of Arise Aducation Rwanda, said under the co-authoring programme, they have selected 10 most proficient young talented authors and put them into five groups. These children will get mentorship from  high profile government officials, namely; Minister of State  Isaac Munyakazi, Minister Julienne Uwacu , Minister Rosemary Mbabazi,  Senator Laurent Nkusi and Hon. Agnes Mukazibera.

Children Times brings you some of writers featuring in the co-authoring programme.

Nelly and Brian.



Cyusa Brian, seven-year-old

Book title: Ntibavuga Bavuga

It is a Kinyarwanda book that focuses on the ancient kings and kingdom of Rwanda. It teaches children how to use correct words in Kinyarwanda concerning the kings and kingdom of Rwanda.



Uwiragiye Kennedy

Book Title: Cyuzuzo

The book talks about a child who passed exams and requested to be taken to trek the golliras as a gift. The author was calling upon other children to work hard and succeed with flying colours so that they can be rewarded by visits to their dream destinations.



Benitha Abayobeza, 12-year-old

Book Title:  Twirinde Amakimbirane  Tugira Ubupfura

Her book talks about the consequences of having conflicts in our neighbourhood. She explores how those conflicts can be resolved.



Ganza Mucyo David

Book title: Umumotari Kaliza

The book is about a hardworking girl who always was told there are tasks for boys and not for girls and one day after growing up she decided to become a motocylcist. She became rich by doing what she loved most.


Nelly Bayingana, 13-year-old

Book title: Muhirwa

The story in her book talks about a family which had only girls and didn’t have a chance of giving birth to boys, therefore they decided to call one of their girls a boy’s name. Her story depicts a mentality of the shame in a family with no boys.