PLE exams start, candidates up 25 percent


State Minister for Primary and Secondary Education, Isaac Munyakazi (L) distributes exams to candidates at GS Nyagatare on day one of PLEs (Courtesy)

National Primary Leaving Examinations (PLE) started countrywide on Monday with the number of candidates sitting this academic year up by 25 per cent compared to last year.

In total, 237,181 are sitting this year, a significant increase from the194,679 who sat last year, according to Michael Tussiime, the deputy director in charge of examinations and accreditation at Rwanda Education Board (REB).

Speaking at Saint Ignace Primary School at the commencement of the national exams, Tusiime said that the number of girls also increased by up to 33 percent from 101,364 last year, to 130,787.

Saint Ignace Primary School is located in Kibagabaga, Gasabo District.

Also, girls outnumber boys as male candidates are 24,393 less than their female counterparts according to REB figures. 

State Minister Munyakazi upsealing exams in Nyagatare District.

There are over 858 examination centres compared to 827 last year.

The primary exams started at 9 am on Monday and each exam will last two hour.

Candidates will sit for five subjects; mathematics, science and elementary technology, social studies, English and Kinyarwanda.

“The exams you are going to sit for are not different from what you have been doing, if you have been doing well in class you will also do the same here, the difference is that this is called a national exam,” he told the candidates. 

Pupils ready

Some of the candidates who talked to The New Times said they were ready for the exams adding that they had enough time to revise and expressed optimism they will pass.

“I am very ready, we have been revising for a long time, and we did various mock exams to test our abilities. I am ready and I trust that God is going to help me through,” said Betia Henriette Ingabire.

Meanwhile, in high school, ordinary and advanced level exams will start next week.

Candidates in O’level expected to sit are 98,268 up from 91,492, an increase of 8 per cent while A’level candidates are 44,037 this year compared to 41,719 last year.

Students from GS Nyagatare before they started PLEs. The exams were launched here at the naional level by State Minister Isaac Munyakazi.

For the first time, this year, candidates from Teachers’ Training Colleges (TTCs) will sit REB exams unlike previously when they were under University of Rwanda’s College of Education.

Over 3,000 candidates will sit TTC exams this year.