How can we give back to our parents for their love and sacrifice? Children share their ideas

I think when we do well, for instance score good grades at school, and most importantly work hard and succeed in our daily activities, our parents feel proud. By feeling proud of us, they feel their efforts are not in vain. I think that the only payment our parents need is to see us honouring their sacrifices and making most of our lives.

Daniel Niyonkuru, 12 years old

From my understanding our parents don’t need money or other payment for their good deeds. I believe what would make them happy is to see us becoming upright and responsible individuals who can take care of themselves. I think this would be the best way to pay them back for their sacrifices.

Ineza Hirwa, 12 years old

We can give back to our parents by making them proud in everything we do everyday. By being self-reliant, accountable, focused and respectful, we give our parents a sense of gratitude that their parenting role was worth the effort.

Jean Paul Shema, 13 years old

Our loving parents will grow old, and at some point they will be helpless, and this is when we return the favor and take care of them. Our parents and guardians have raised us right, and it’s our obligation to be of help and attend to their needs.

Philbert Nshuti, 15 years old