Never tire of documenting France's role in Genocide against the Tutsi


French soldiers in Rwanda alongside Interahamwe militiamen during the 1994 Genocide against Tutsi. Net Photo


RE: “France should come clean on Genocide, says Mushikiwabo” (The New Times, October 12). Today’s world forgets very quickly due to various reasons, including distractions caused by many conflicts happening everywhere in this world. Those who care to follow world affairs are bombarded with news about new conflicts every other day and are likely to forget the Genocide against the Tutsi and France’s bloody role in it.

We need to keep reminding the world of the Genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda and France’s role in its preparation and execution. We need to periodically publish the names of French military officers who directly participated in the Genocide and all other evidence we already published. They know they did it but are not yet ready to accept it. That is why they keep manufacturing so-called new evidences implicating RPF in the downing of Habyarimana’s plane.

We need to republish all evidence that show France’s participation in the planning and execution of the Genocide against the Tutsi every time they try to fabricate new evidences that they think will delay their day in court.

Truth will always prevail.