Dear Urban Boys

It’s been many years since the three of you decided to become one, in music. Look, how far you’ve come since 2008, when it all begun.

You guys are living testament to the adage; three heads are better than one. To this, we need to toast and to dance and to whip out our garlands, the reason I’m dedicating your very own Kubita to all three of you.

With that out of the way, and without any further ado, let’s get straight to the gist of this thing …

Till I Die:

This is not only the title to one of your 2015 releases, it’s also the kind of language I suspect you guys have been using very frequently of late. (Safi Madiba do you follow?).


From the look of things, people liked Till I Die that you guys dropped two years ago, but apparently many of the same people did not like the sound of “Till I Die” when Madiba said it exclusively to a particular lady last weekend.

For long, I wondered what all the fuss that had been kicked up was about.


Safi Madiba gets hitched, just like Humble Jizzo did a while back. Tongues wag. Tongues unsatisfied and un approving of your choices both.

I tell you, it is real, this jealousy. When I grow up, I want to do something or make some life choices that will make people envy me, just like you.

But, like you should know, envy is a much less corrosive emotion than jealousy. So we will momentarily spare the envious and go for the green eyed.

FYI, green eyes are not acquired through eating too much Isombe or other vegetables – green eyes are the by-product of jealousy.


Humans are naturally suspicious and jealous creatures. When they see something perfect, they want to find a flaw. 

And there will always be haters. And the more you grow the more they hate; the more they hate the more you grow. (Safi, do you see some dope lyrical quality to these free lines?)

I know, guys, that being the celebrities and public figures you are, you are always hard-pressed to say things as they are. There is an image and a fan base to hold onto.

But, isn’t it kind of silly to think that tearing someone else down builds you up?

Jay-Z, your brother from another (American) mother, once opined that “jealousy’s a weak emotion”. So weak, and this is my own submission now, not Jay-Z’s. After experiencing that emotion, one is left with a splitting headache, a near-irresistible urge to commit murder and, above all, a giant inferiority complex.

As I sign off, guys, always remember that, jealousy is a disease, while love is a healthy condition.