INTERVIEW: How important is the culture of reading? Pupils share their experiences

Neza Gasaro

Reading helps you to know more things and most importantly helps improve on one’s vocabulary. Before I started reading I knew few words and my English wasn’t as good as it is today. Every time I read a new book, I learn more words, which helps me to communicate to people better.

Neza Gasaro, 9 years old



Since I started reading I have learned a lot of skills from the stories I have read, especially those with a moral lesson. Some stories have taught me how to share, socialise, be passionate, friendly and work hard at school. Books are a source of knowledge.

Pacifique Iradukunda, 10 years old


Ange Ikirezi

My sister who is a passionate reader always has stories to tell. She has many friends and teachers like her because of her story telling skills. When I realised that she acquired all that from reading I was inspired to start reading too, and I find it interesting and adventurous to read books. There is a lot to learn through reading.

Ange Ikirezi, 9 years old


Pamela Uwase

Our teacher always tell us that a book is an oasis of unlimited skills and information. He once said that we you read you discover new things, and this leads to creative thinking, and understanding. Reading has also helped me to understand more what I study in class.

Pamela Uwase, 10 years old