Football clubs must prioritise the health of their players


RE:Rayon coach, stars mourn Mutuyimana” (The New Times, September 13). Condolences to the family of Mutuyimana. However, his passing leaves a lot of questions to be answered by our sports clubs. Do some clubs, both in Rwanda and abroad, really care about their players?

Recently, doctors warned a Saudi football club not to use Herve, an Ivorian player, in matches after medical examinations showed he has a myocardium (one of heart problems).

Mutuyimana’s life could have probably been saved if he had undergone physical examination.

Clearly, this is not an African problem only as recently some African players died on soccer fields in Europe and Asia. I am not sure of what to make out of it, though I would understand Mutuyimana’s unfortunate premature death, given our capabilities.

However, I do not understand how an African soccer player, playing for an European soccer club can die on a soccer field in Europe, with his club having no prior knowledge about his health problems, since European soccer clubs are supposed to be among the best when it comes to caring about their players.