[PHOTOS] My250 concert: Tekno rocks despite late arrival


Tekno Miles slim's performance got the audience in the Akagera Hall on its feet. / Nadege Imbabazi

One word to describe the My250 Concert at the Kigali Conference and Exhibition Village Sunday night: Splendid.

Nigerian hit maker Tekno Miles did not disappoint, as did sponsors Skol Breweries, even after the singer’s late arrival in the country.

Tekno had initially been scheduled to jet into Kigali early Sunday morning from Nairobi, where he had held a concert Saturday night.

Tekno Miles slim’s performance got the audience in the Akagera Hall on its feet. / Nadege Imbabazi

Journalists that had been called for the singer’s press conference Sunday morning were however disappointed to learn that Tekno was in fact still in Nairobi at the time. There were also fears that the show would not live up to expectations going by complaints from Nairobians.

But that is where the disappointment ended. By 7:00 pm, the Kigali Conference and Exhibition Village’s Akagera Hall was teeming with crowds eager to see the Nigerian superstar on his maiden appearance in Rwanda.

Sponsors Skol spared no effort to make the event a success, setting up a food court and beer points around the venue. Complimentary beer coupons did their rounds, but with Skol products going for as low as Rwf 500, it was something close to a carnival mood outside the Akagera Hall where the concert was staged.

Revelers enjoy abundance drinks and Shisha during the show. / Nadege Imbabazi
Tekno Miles taking Rwandan’s heart by his amazing songs. / Nadege Imbabazi

Tekno Miles stepped onto stage shortly after 12:30 am, but the wait for him had been an easy one. The Dream Team DJs (Miller, Toxxyk and Marnaud) once again proved that they are one of the finest DJ units in Kigali, with an adrenaline-raising performance that went beyond just DJ mixing.

The trio performed, chanted, danced, and generally whipped up the crowd, before giving way to Bruce Melodie, the night’s first performer.

The ‘Ikinya’ singer has already established himself and his performance of songs such as Ndakwanga, You Complete me and the hit itself Ikinya was an easy one as the crowd helped to sing along.

The ‘Ikinya’ hit maker Entertain during the 250 concert. / Nadege imbabazi
Tekno Miles taking Rwandan’s heart by his amazing songs. / Nadege Imbabazi

He was followed on stage by the night’s other highlight, Lillian Mbabazi who put up a spirited live performance backed by the Neptunez Band and Kiki Toure, who really got the crowd hyped up.

The Vitamin singer who has since relocated to Rwanda performed a number of her hit songs, dating back to the ones she did with all girl group Blu3. She performed YegweWeka, Danger, Where You Are and Vitamin among others.

Lilian Mbabazi during the show. / Nadege Imbabazi

But it wasn’t her performance per se that show goers will remember for a long time to come. Right after her performance, after thanking her fans and proclaiming “I love you Kigali”, she accidentally tripped on her high heels and hurtled to the ground, twisting an ankle as she left the stage and she needed help walking.

MC Ange Umulisa eventually unveiled Tekno Miles and it was past midnight but the crowd was in very high spirits.

MC Ange Umulisa hosts the show. / Nadege Imbabazi

Even after a hectic concert schedule that had seen him perform in Nairobi the night before, the Pana star put up an energetic mixture of live and semi live performance that got the audience in the Akagera Hall on its feet.

From Pana, to Diana, Duro, and the hit Rara, Tekno took the crowd through his repertoire, while enjoying the sing along chorus from fans as he pulled his unique dance moves.

Revelers enjoy drinks during the show. / Nadege Imbabazi

He started off with a fully live performance, but wound up with a semi live set. The highlight of the night was his female fans running to the stage, with security having to restrain them often to ensure that the singer continues.