[PHOTOS] Meddy proves his worth at Mutzig Beer Fest


It was an emotional night for the 27-year-old R&B singer Meddy. (Photos by Sam Ngendahimana)

It was more of beer and less of musical performances at the Mutzig Beer Fest on Saturday. The beer aside, the prospect of watching singer Meddy Ngabo after so many years abroad was the other highlight of the festival on Saturday.

The annual festival that is in its seventh year running was held in Nyamata town, Bugesera District at the Golden Tulip Hotel.

From the early hours of the afternoon, it was slow and thick traffic from as far off as Kicukiro in Kigali as private cars, taxi motors and commuter minibuses all ushered in festival goers in their thousands.

Meddy put up a spirited performance and his stage movement was impressive. / Sam Ngendahimana
It was a mood of excitement as revelers enjoyed every moment of Meddy’s performance. / Sam Ngendahimana
The Bralirwa Marketing Director Julius Kayoboke (R) joined other  music fans to cheer on Meddy during his performance. / Sam Ngendahimana

To their credit, and like has been the case with previous editions, Bralirwa, the organisers of the beer fest shuttled revelers from different pickup points in Kigali on complimentary terms.

However the biggest section of the crowd waited for nightfall before hitting the venue. True to beer fest tradition, the main activity was drinking of beer to the backdrop of loud music.

Musically, there were murmurs from the crowd for lack of any formidable performers before Meddy could come on.

Just a Band, the house and funk band from Kenya failed to excite the crowd with many stating that local artistes could have been lined up to perform.

Thousands of people turned up for the Mutzig Beer Fest in Nyamata. / Sam Ngendahimana
Disability is not inability: a disabled man who came to watch Meddy perform, the singer had to leave the stage to thank the man who was also holding a placard with the singer's photo. / Sam Ngendahimana
Excited music fans used their smartphones to capture the highlights of the performances. / Sam Ngendahimana

Chilean guitarist Tito Uribe and Makumbi sound too failed to elicit excitement from the largely youthful crowd with their jazz performance.

On a night when there were hardly any curtain raising acts to write home about, Meddy performed to a yearning crowd that brought back memories of Diamond Platnumz at the Rwanda Fiesta at the same venue earlier in the year.

Meddy, who was performing home for the first time in 7 years, started off his performance with his songs from back in the day including Ese Urambona, Akaramata, Igipimo, Amayobera, Inkoramutima and Mubwire among others.

Golden Tulip Hotel in Nyamata was the venue of Mutzig Beer Fest on Saturday. / Sam Ngendahimana
It was a mood of excitement as revelers enjoyed every moment of Meddy's performance. / Sam Ngendahimana
Meddy brought the house down in Nyamata after 7 years of absence on the local stage. / Sam Ngendahimana

He later performed the songs he released when he left for the U.S in 2010 including Ndi Uw’i Kigali, Nasara, Sibyo, Burindebucya and the gospel hit Holy Spirit among others. He capped his performance with Ntawamusimbura.

Meddy’s performance was solid and impressed the many who turned up to see him. His dancing skills and ability to play the guitar endeared him to his fans.

At some point, the singer was overcome by emotions, intimating to his fans the loneliness and boredom being far away from home. Like his peer The Ben, the welcome Meddy received befitted that of a star.

Meddy's mother also turned up to watch her son perform in Rwanda for the first time after 7 years away in USA. / Sam Ngendahimana
Part of the mammoth crowd that graced the  Mutzig Beer Fest in Nyamata on Saturday. / Sam Ngendahimana
Some fans joined Meddy to sing along as he performed the song that ushered him into the music industry Ngirira Ubuntu. / Sam Ngendahimana

There were various beer points from which one had the option of buying a beer or presenting a beer coupon for complimentary drinks.

The coupons were in plenty and came with cheeky lines like “beer yourself”, or “with this coupon, save water. Drink another beer.”

These were passed around freely among beer lovers, but with only one tent handling coupons, the commotion and stampede were the price to pay for the otherwise free beers.

Revelers enjoy the show in Nyamata on Saturday. / Sam Ngendahimana
The beaming faces of most people was a sign that the fest lived up to its billing. / Sam Ngendahimana
US-based Rwandan R&B singer Meddy performs during Mutzig beer fest at Nyamata on Saturday. / Sam Ngendahimana

Many people gave up and either passed their coupons to the next person, pocketed them, or simply tossed them away. All in all, drinks were in plenty.

The show ended at a half past mid night, with police ensuring that everybody made it back to the city safely.

Meddy's  fans in Odeur ya Meddy t-shirt.
Due to a large number of fans ,people used all ways possible to follow Meddy's performance.
Kenyan DJ and artist  'Blinky' Bill Sellanga performed at Mutzig Beer Fest in Nyamata.
Meddy looks so excited to see thousands of fans who turned up for the festival.
Meddy’s performance was solid and impressed many who turned up. This fans was among them,seen here looking so excited to watch the R&B singer.
The 27 year-old capped his performance with his hit song 'Ntawamusimbura'.  
Bralirwa's Marketing Director Julius Kayoboke during the concert.
Meddy's dancing skills and ability to play the guitar endeared him to his fans at Mutzig Beer Fest 2017.
'Odeur ya' Meddy.