Interview: Children on the key traits of a successful learner

Nadine Uwajeneza, 14 years old

Where there is passion, there is an extraordinary learner. I have no doubt that a smart leaner is one who is passionate about his/her studies, eager to learn and keen on engaging in new productive activities.


Elisa Hakizimana, 14 years old

Disciplined, creative, passionate and hard-working are the characteristics of an extra-ordinary learner in my opinion. But what sums all up is excelling in one’s studies. A clever learner should always strive to be on top.


Nayije Irakoze, 10 years old

An extraordinary learner is one who follows the instructions of teachers, respect others and values his/her academics. They should also be willing to learn anywhere and anytime. A smart learner should also have the ability to excel both in class and in other activities.


Shadrack Ngenzi, 13 years old

A good learner is one who uses what they learn in class and applies it to life outside the classroom. I think it’s important for a clever student to be creative and use the knowledge they get from class to do different things. However, academic excellence is the key characteristic of all.