Europe's oppressive policies are self-defeating


RE: “War against the West” (The New Times, March 14).

Interesting piece. From a western standpoint it does make sense, I suppose, that we perhaps should remember that the West has thrived on inventing its own enemies, inventing wars against itself and proceeds to go to war with the said enemies; sometimes the latter has no say in the whole scenario.

What is happening today is rather a Western civil war; from within, it is between those trying to salvage an idillic—hypocritical image of the West—and those showing its true colours.

I am sure as far as Libyans, Syrians, Iraqis, Afghanis, Congolese are concerned, this West is better, for its oppressive policies are brazen, foolish, thus self-defeating. They will not last.

So what is happening to Europe is of little importance compared to, say, the drought in the Horn of Africa or the war in the DR Congo or Boko Haram in Nigeria.