Africa polls: Why glorify Western validation?


RE: “EU observer group laud Kenya poll” (The New Times, August 11).

For heaven’s sake! Are we going to ever let go of these self-imposed shackles, for no one is holding a gun on us anymore, and cease this constant quest for validation from outside? Do Kenyans, and the rest of us Africans, in general, actually think our observers to any European election would cause that specific country to skip a bit and halt all (if any) government function, were we to find fault in how the electoral process took place?

Why do we continue to do this to ourselves? Why do we participate in our own dehumanisation from our very still current oppressors? What is it that makes us feel like we missed one or more stages of our development process that we need a perpetual overseer?

Our own Afropessimism is what allows these undignified treatments from those who continue to rob us of our material resources and worse, our very humanity. As though the last few centuries of continued occupation from the West happened to someone else. Shameful.

Congratulations are in order for whoever wins in Kenya, certainly, but enough is enough.

Ali Rukariza