New platform to promote customer service launched


Some of the participants discuss during the 'Conversations at High Tea' forum. / Courtesy.

A new platform has been launched to support efforts geared at improving service delivery in country as well as encourage discussion on related issues. Initiated by The ServiceMag, ‘Conversations at High Tea’ forum brings together service providers and clients in a comfortable environment and a casual setting to discuss service related issues and seek solutions to address challenges therein, according to Sandra Idossou, the publisher of The ServiceMag.

Issues discussed at the inaugural forum include role of education and training, how to impact teams, discrimination in service, and how culture can influence the level of service.

Idossou said: “Rwanda produces some of the best tea and coffee, so it is a good opportunity to sample some of the finest products in town as we discuss and share experiences with the aim of improving service delivery. This will also promote a culture of drinking tea and coffee among Rwandans which will help widen the market for the beverages.”

She was optimistic the platform would encourage open discussion on service delivery and help service operators find ways to improve customer service.

Over 40 corporates and service providers participated in the event held in Kigali last week.

The magazine runs an active social media campaign that allows clients to voice their complaints or compliments on the service they receive. The campaign has given service providers useful feedback by clients that enables them to improve and serve customers better. Additionally, the publication organises corporate events that bring together clients and service providers to network, share experiences and learn from each other.

“The ‘Conversations at High Tea’ forum provides a different setting to discuss issues and breaks the monotony of workshops and trainings,” Idossou said.

“Hopefully, this will be an opportunity where service providers learn from each other; a stress-free feedback session and an encouragement for all to do better that will contribute further to improving customer service in Rwanda.”

Poor customer service is one of the challenges affecting the performance of the hospitality sector. The government has been running the “Na Yombi” and “Noza Serivisi” campaigns to improve customer service in private and public sector, respectively.

Therefore, the ‘Conversations at High Tea’ platform provides yet another opportunity to encourage businesses to enhance customer service and create client-friendly and responsive enterprises.

Participants speak out

Judith Meloni, the owner of Wellness Centre, lauded the event, saying it was one of the “best corporate events I have attended in Rwanda”.

“I love the fact that the discussions were done in small groups, where key issues concerning discussed among service stakeholders… I really wanted to hear from others,” Meloni said.

Quinta Kartag, a business owner in Kigali, said besides sharing delicious tea, participants shared experiences and opinions about customer service.

“As a business owner, it is important for me to hear customer feedback on the experience we offer. These discussions will, therefore, help us to incorporate quality in every service we provide,” Kartag added.

For Lys Mwiza, the ITM country director, the concept could go a long way in shaping trends and impacting the sector positively.