Scarcity pushes up tomato, carrot prices in Huye


The price hike attributed to low supply. / Remy Niyingize

Huye residents will have to dig deeper into their pockets to buy tomatoes and carrots following increase in prices for the two products.

A basket of fresh tomatoes has more than doubled over the past few weeks to Rwf8,000, from Rwf3500 previously, while a kilogramme of tomatoes is at Rwf700 compared to Rwf200. Carrots cost Rwf400 per kilogramme, up from Rwf200 previously.

Gloriose Uwamahoro, a vegetable seller in Huye Market, attributed the increase to scarcity, noting that farmers in the area have abandoned tomato growing in favour of other food crops.

She added that the high prices have also kept away buyers.

Tomatoes are used by most households, restaurants and hotels to make soups and salads. Therefore, the increase in prices affects many families, especially the low-income earners. Emmanuel Nshimiyimana, a tomato buyer, said the hike will affect many poor homesteads “because they don’t have alternatives.

Meanwhile, rice has also gone up, with a kilogramme at Rwf850 from Rwf800, while maize flour (Buganza) rose to Rwf750 from Rwf700.

However, those who like to take tea or coffee have a reason to smile as sugar prices dropped from Rwf1,000 to Rwf900 per kilogramme.