No one should be duped by phony rights groups


Some of the supporters of incumbent President Paul Kagame during his first presidential campaign rally in Ruhango District on Friday. Rwandans go to the polls on August 4. Courtesy.


RE: “Govt trashes HRW report” (The New Times, July 14).

Neither HRW nor Amnesty International are duped one whit. They have an agenda around which they construct their own reality. They are the dupers whose biggest assets are the huge financial resources from the likes of George Soros (and many quasi government funding agencies), their topnotch media operations, connections and influence.

Like all influence-peddlers, especially in this industry where perceptions of do-gooding are critical to the brand, reports of this nature, even if false, are essential to keep their adherents and their cash machines ringing, the facts and the countries they trash be damned.

They are nothing but mercenaries concerned only about their monetary income statements and balance sheets as well as accumulation of more power to retain their status as geopolitical movers and shakers.

In this calculus, your human rights or mine, including our very lives, mean absolutely nothing. For them, everything is looked at from whether it assists or hinders greater accumulation of finances, power and influence with policy-makers in the most powerful countries in the West.

Human rights—or rather the notion of human rights—is just a convenient hook for their power plays. These people are otherwise totally amoral. They are a perfect exemplar of what Lord Acton must have had in mind when he coined his saying about power and corruption.

I stopped reading anything they write or say, and not just about Rwanda, but any place on planet Earth. I wouldn’t ask them about the time of day. They are rotten to the very core.

I never believe anything they say, even against anyone I detest.

Mwene Kalinda

At this time as we are heading to presidential election, they will write many lies about Rwanda and Rwandans. But history is defeating their purpose.

When they read what they wrote this day seven years back they remain puzzled—we have got ourselves where they thought we were born to remain permanently.

When you read contents of their reports sometimes you ask yourself many questions that have no answers. Who are their last consumers of their sentiments and whether they believe in their lies.

If the purpose is to manipulate Rwandans on their domestic issues, then President Kagame has said it all that “Rwanda has changed for good”, and if it’s about depicting us in a bad light, then our standing in the international community proves that they are fighting a losing battle, then we aren’t where we are in international relations at their wish.

Rwandans know what they want better, dear haters.