A shortage of pens affecting service delivery at BK branch


RE: “Bank of Kigali rewards ‘MyWishAt50’ winners” (The New Times, June 18).

I recently had a visit to Rwanda and stayed at my mother's in Kirehe District. I came with money for some home projects that are ongoing. My brother owns an account with Bank of Kigali at Nyakarambi Branch, so we visited the bank for saving reasons.

The branch first impressed me that BK services were brought closer to the rural people, so they are taught of the importance of saving – the reason why my brother in a very rural area like Kigina has a bank account. This is a big step forward for the country and financial sector in particular.

However, I witnessed one thing that is clearly a setback to the bank’s services. To save or withdraw, one has to fill in forms and the customers have to borrow a pen from one another. In other words, the BK branch did not have pens for its customers. It kind of creates inconvenience and nuisance as people continuously borrowed pens from each other.

It left me wondering if availing pens in Bank of Kigali’s Nyakarambi branch for customers was that expensive. A pen is sold below a cent in Rwanda. You can avail even ten pens for clients at the Nyakarambi branch at just a dollar. It's something that shouldn't impede services seriously.

That was my wish.