Always seek a second opinion

Every now and then, horrific accounts of the terrible things some medical practitioners do to their patients make the news and to Nosocomephobes like myself who are terrified of disease, it makes you wonder if you should avoid hospitals altogether and just self medicate but that’s next to impossible as we’re all bound to end up at a medical facility sooner or later.

Reading about the surgeon who duped unsuspecting women into thinking they had breast cancer and so needed urgent procedures, I was horrified although not really surprised because this happens all the time.

I don’t know how many times I’ve heard about women coerced into having Caesareans and we all know who benefits the most from the procedure and it’s not always the mother or baby! No wonder some people shun modern medicine and rely on herbs just like their parents and grandparents did!

We’re often encouraged to go for regular check ups only for those doing the medical tests to invent illnesses! No offence to contractors and mechanics but it looks like some medics are doing a number on things that don’t need to be fixed. I remember a time I sprained my ankle and when the pain didn’t subside, I decided to see a doctor.

To my surprise, he didn’t even ask what had happened but just went ahead to write me a prescription. I found that strange but because he was the doctor, I didn’t question his decision.

For some reason, I decided that I would pick up the medication later from the pharmacy the doctor had recommended. I ended up going to another pharmacy altogether the next day and I’m glad I did because the clerk there asked what kind of injury I had and when I told him I had sprained my ankle, he told me all I needed was a pain relief cream to rub around over the afflicted area and he also advised me not to wear heels for at least a week.

Not only did I save money but I’ve not had any problem with my ankle since. I should have gone back to the doctor and called him out if only to save his next victim! It’s scary that we live in a world where money precedes compassion and the desire to just do the right thing.

How do you look a panicked parent in the eye and lie to them that their baby has pneumonia when you know it’s just the flu?

It’s one thing to misdiagnose someone due to inexperience, fatigue or whatever other reason but to deliberately con people into thinking they’re have serious conditions is inexcusable.

That’s why it’s important to get a second or even third opinion. With the exception of certain ailments, you can always find alternatives. Do your own research or talk to friends and family before committing to a particular facility or practitioner. It could save you a botched surgery or completely uncalled for medical procedure.