Wireless radiation is a major health threat


Use of mobile phones has been linked to radiation exposure. (Net photo)


RE:Ask Dr. Rachna Pande” (The New Times, October 31).

I would like to thank Dr. Rachna Pande for being brave to admit to cell phone health risks at a time when many doctors are shying away to accept the reality. Actually, the microwave (radio wave) radiation associated with cell phones can also stimulate the sympathetic nervous system and make people edgy, anxious and even depressed.

The Soviets used wireless radiation to make the US embassy staff there unwell in 1950s to 70s by projecting a microwave beam similar to WiFi (but they were kind to only do it during day time!). There were health problems with mental health issues, it elevated white blood cells and cancer, among the staff.

However, for commercial profits, our society decided in the ‘80s to irradiate the entire population with microwaves through mobile phones, WiFi etc. Now they can’t even fully appreciate the effects because everyone is exposed — no control group to compare.

Industry doesn’t want to admit to any health effects so unsuspecting public would let even their children sleep with these devices under their pillows. Wireless radiation is blanketing our planet at present and this will have a huge toll on public health.

Lana Banks