Here’s how we can honour our liberation heroes


Bugesera residents during the 22nd Liberation Day celebrations in Rweru on Monday. (T. Kisambira)


RE:Reaping the fruits of liberation” (The New Times, July 5).

I too often grumble at the quality of the products of our education system, but also realise that as you go for universal education to create a critical mass of a population with the basics of reading and math, it is inevitable that you will sacrifice some quality.

That though can’t be helped if you wish to create a society with a measure of egalitarianism.

It is important to provide every Rwandan, at the very least, with the basic literacy skills as these are the essential foundation for further learning as well as the necessary ingredients for an informed, politically literate and engaged citizenry without which liberation is a mere word.

All the basics are in place, let’s mobilize to use them in honour of all those who made sacrifices – including that ultimate one of life itself – so that we could have this opportunity.