Faith is medicine

Dr Joseph Kamugisha

I derive my statement that faith is medicine from the fact that a healthy mind forms a healthy body. Positive desires, positive feelings and a positive mindset produce good results in every aspect of life and the reverse is true.

Just like the body falls sick or suffers from illnesses, so can the mind also become sick or intoxicated. The best cure for a sick mind is to seek a faithful redemption.

Through my lifestyle and my career development as a doctor, I have realised that a sick mind is very hard to treat as compared to a sick body or physical aspect of human beings.

After realising this, I developed self-desire to respect the activities of faith ‘Christian’ living ministries. There are coherent similarities between the hospital and church activities.

Normally, the church is the official place where all faith-oriented activities are conducted just like the hospital is a recognised life-saving place or a place where people visit to receive treatment.

You can privately own a church at any point of locality or exhibit its activities elsewhere just like you can save life or treat the body privately at any point.

The resultant benefit of all is to get better.

God created the universe; it’s therefore an intimate obligatory procedure that the world will always respect and be thankful to Him.

Whether a saviour or a sinner, to bend or kneel before God is an obligation.

There is a good size of the world population that visits the church to thank God or show what I may call an advanced respect to him.

People of this category are always at the center stage of development in faith-oriented activities. Good Christian living ministries make people get better or exhibit good Christian feelings in the society, just like good hospitals or clinics treat all body illnesses successfully.

We can also make an assumption that good pastors or people trained to teach and spread the word of God come from the population that takes the church as a respectful kingdom of God.

Reparation of the soul or faith or mind gives the role of a pastor a good mode of conduct in the society and basis for respect. However, there are circumstances where pastors have been observed in an opposite sense.

There could be a good or bad pastor based on the message they deliver, just like there could be a good or bad doctor.

A pastor can intoxicate the mind of people just like the doctor can inflict harm to the body. Bad pastors or poor activities of the church have seen many people develop negative attitude towards the church.

People visit the house of the Lord for so many different reasons. But for whatever reasons, the most fundamental reason is to seek advancement in life.

Abuse or criticism of the church has been directed to Christians or pastors that exhibit negative feelings and negative conduct in life. This also draws comparison that not all people who visit the hospital get cured of their illnesses.

When you visit the hospital or seek treatment without any feeling of sickness or sign of sickness becomes hard or takes longer for health providers to help.

Clients who cannot reveal their complaints readily do not receive adequate treatment just like people who visit the church without any healing prospect or reason to redeem their lives take longer to heal from their mind-oriented weaknesses.

It is so common that people who follow others for the sake of passing time will hardly exhibit faithful acts despite of their church or Christianity anticipation.

You can have a sick mind unknowingly just like you can have a sick body unknowingly. Good pastors or faith-oriented activities can help diagnose your sick soul just like good health providers can help diagnose your sick body part.

Mistakes, divisions, abuses, bad criticisms, lack of life advancement among many others all a rise from a sick mind. When you strive to rekindle your mind, success becomes inevitable.

When you develop a healthy mind, you exhibit good things and get rewarded positively in life.