Radisson Blu Hotel brings Christmas to former street kids


Children pose for a group photo at the Kigali Convention Centre. (All photos by Diane mMushimiyimana.)

To spread the holiday cheer, Radisson Blu Hotel last week hosted a luncheon for over 120 children from Centre Cyprien et Daphrose Rugamba, Mai Childhood Academy popularly known as ‘Kwa Gisimba’ orphanage and Nyamirambo Women Centre.

The children aged between 7 and 13 share a common background of family hardship and are undergoing rehabilitation.

The party started with a hotel tour, where children visited different facilities of the 5-Star Hotel. Children also got entertained with a variety plays and dances at the Hotel’s Children Park. The children also were later treated to a mouth-watering buffet.

Sami Durelli, the Radission Blue Hotel Manager, said the party was intended to extend their love to vulnerable children, especially those who experienced loneliness from orphan hood or family abandonment.

“As our corporate social responsibility, we think that we owe something to the community we operate in. In this festive season, we have chosen to invite former street children now being taken care of in transit centres or orphanages, celebrate together by offering them world class treatment at the Hotel,” he said.

Children have fun at the Hotel’s children's park.

Durelli added that they were grateful to see the joyful faces of children playing in the Hotel compound.

For the majority of the children invited it was their first time to step in 5-star Hotel.

Elsa Iriza, 11, from Nyamirambo Women Centre expressed her joy to have come to such a wonderful place.

“I liked most the delicious meal and playing with water in the pool with other children. I made new friends as well,” she said.

Aime Sabumwera, 13, from Centre Cyprien et Daphrose Rugamba, said he used to stare at the hotel from afar and always longed to reach there one day. He said he felt good that his dream had come to pass.

On the other hand, Joseph Bitega, the head of Centre Cyprien et Daphrose Rugamba expressed his gratitude to Radisson Blue Hotel for the wonderful party.

“These children mainly escape from their families due to conflicts which deprive them of happiness. So when they get a moment like this leaves them with a big inspiration for a better future,” he said.

Sami Durelli, the Radission Blu Hotel Manager  making sure children are well served.