Rwandan filmmaker nominated for AMA Awards 2017


Clementine Dusabejambo.

Clementine Dusabejambo’s film A Place for Myself has been nominated for this year’s Africa Movie Academy Awards slated for June 18 in Nigeria.

The nomination was done on Sunday, May 14, at the Kigali Convention Centre (KCC) ahead of the official nomination gala, which will be held at the same venue on June 3.

The aim of the awards is to recognise excellence and professionalism in the African film industry and to unite the African continent through arts and culture.

The final list of the nominees was assessed and decided by the AMAA Jury of 6 judges led by the awards founder Peace Anyiam Osigwe and the jury president Bernie Goldblat.

This year’s edition will focus on performances in film during the last twelve months on the continental scene under 29 different categories.

The annual event has become the biggest gathering of movie makers across Africa and the Diaspora.

Dusabejambo’s film is up against Nigerian films Bout and Silence, Senegalese movies A Place in the Plane and Marabout, Angolan Kieza, Ghanaian-American film On Monday last Week and Nigerian-British short film Yemoja: Rise of the Orisa in the ‘Efere Ozako AMAA 2017 Award for Best Short Film’ category.

Dusabejambo’s film earned her a prize at last year’s Zanzibar International Film Festival (ZIFF), where she emerged overall winner.

AMAA 2017 jury president Bernie Goldblat speaks during the nominations announcement. (Eddie Nsabimana)

 “The process is clear and nominations are made regardless of the country from which the filmmakers come. What counts is creativity and quality that match the criteria,” said Goldblat.

Over the years, the event has been attended by numerous international media representatives, Hollywood celebrities, Nigerian policy makers, African statesmen, journalists, film industry professionals, actresses and actors across Africa, the United Kingdom, the United States of America and the Caribbean.

Dusabejambo's film 'A Place for Myself' earned her a nomination at the 2017 AMA A wards.

The Nominations in full:

Best Short Film

"Bout" - Nigeria

"A Place For Myself" - Rwanda

"On Monday Last Week" – Ghana/USA

"Silence" - Nigeria

"Kieza" - Angola

"Yemoja: Rise of the Orisa - Nigeria/UK

"Marabout" - Senegal

"A Place in the Plane" – Senegal

Best Diaspora Feature Film

"Fences "

"Birth of a Nation"

"Double play"


Achievement in Production Design

"Call Me Thief"


"Queen of Cathway"

"The Last of Us"


Best Designs Category



"Queen of Cathway"

The AMAA 2017 Jury pose for the photo after announcing this year's edition nominees. (Eddie Nsabimana)

Award For Best Nigerian Film

"Green White Green"





Award For Best Animation

"Black Barbie" - Ghana

"Got Flowers" - Nigeria

"Gyrow" - Nigeria

"Pull" – Nigeria

Award For Best Documentary

"Legacy Of The Hills" - Mali

"Makoko: Future Afloat" - Nigeria

"House in the Field" - Morocco

"Vivre Riche" - Cote D'Ivoire

"House of Nwapa" - Nigeria

"Mama Colonel" - Democratic Republic of Congo

"The African Who Wanted To Fly" - Gabon

"La ColereDans Le Vent" (Anger in the Wind) – Niger

Award For Best Film in an African Language

"LogunOfe" - Nigeria

"Call Me Thief" – South Africa

"Félicité" – Senegal

"Vaya" – South Africa

Award For Best Film by an African Living Abroad

"Saving Dreams" - Nigeria/Canada

"While We Live" - Burkina Faso/Sweden

"Theory of Conflict" - Nigeria/United States of America

"A Mile in My Shoes" – Morocco/Canada

"Hell’s Fury" - Nigeria/United States of America

Award For Best Diaspora Short

"Kbela" - Brazil

"Ca$h Out" - United States of America

"The Tale of Four" - Curacao

"90 Days" - United States of America

Award For Best Diaspora Documentary

"I Am Not Your Negro" - Haiti/France

"13th" - United States of America

"Les heritiers du Vietnam" - Vietnam

"Horace Tapscott, Musical Griot" - United States of America

Award For Best Diaspora Feature

"West Indies Gang" - Guadeloupe

"Fences" - United States of America

"Birth of a Nation" - United States of America

"Double Play" - Curacao

"Moonlight" - United States of America

Award For Achievement in Production Design

"Call Me Thief" - South Africa

"Félicité" - Senegal

"76" - Nigeria

"Queen of Katwe" - Uganda

"The Last of Us" – Tunisia

Achievement in Costume Design

"Queen of Katwe" - Uganda

"Ayamma" - Nigeria

"Keteke" - Ghana

"The Last Of Us" - Tunisia

"LogunOfe" – Nigeria

Award For Achievement in Make-Up

"Dora’s Peace" - South Africa

"Oloibiri" - Nigeria

"Ayamma" - Nigeria

"The Last of Us" - Tunisia

"Slow Country" – Nigeria

Award For Achievement in Soundtrack

 "Vaya" - South Africa

"93 Days" - Nigeria

"A Mile in My Shoes" - Morocco

"76" - Nigeria

"Félicité" - Senegal

"While We Live" - Burkina Faso/Sweden

Award For Achievement in Visual Effect

 "Wulu" - Mali

"Oloibiri" - Nigeria

"Whale Caller" -  South Africa

"Queen of Katwe" -  Uganda

"Slow Country" – Nigeria

Award For Achievement in Sound

"93 Days" - Nigeria

"Félicité" - Senegal

"Vaya" - South Africa

"Wulu" - Mali

"Dora’s Peace" - South Africa

Award For Best Film

"The Last Of Us" - Tunisia

"A Mile in My Shoes" – Morocco 

"76" - Nigeria

"Vaya" - South Africa

"93 Days" - Nigeria

"Queen of Katwe" - Uganda

"Félicité" - Senegal

"Wulu" - Mali

"Call Me Thief" - South Africa

Award For Best Director

DaoudaCoulibaly - "Wulu"

Steve Gukas - "93 Days"

Mira Nair - "Queen of Katwe"

IzuOjukwu - "76"

Daryen Joshua - "Call Me Thief"

Akin Omotosho - "Vaya"

Alain Gomis - Félicité

Ala Eddine Slim - "The Last Of Us"

"Said Khallaf" - "A Mile in My Shoes"

Award For Best First Feature Film by a Director

"Happiness is a Four Letter Word" – Thabang Molaya

"Green White Green" - Abba Makama

"Wulu" - DaoudaCoulibaly

"Bunjoko" - Kizito Samuel

"The Last Of Us" – Alaeddine Slim

"Rain" - Daniel Mugerwa

Award For Best Actress in a Leading Role

Vero Tshanda - "Félicité"

Lydia Forson - "Keteke"

Lupita Nyong’o - "Queen of Katwe"

Bimbo Akintola - "93 Days"

Josette Bushell-Mingo - "While We Live" 

Rita Dominic - "76"

Khabonina Quebeka - "Dora’s Peace"

Zimkhitha Nyoka - "Vaya"

Award For Best Actor in a Leading Role

Sambassa Nzeribe - "Slow Country"

Ibrahim Koma - "Wulu"

Richard MofeDamijo - "Oloibiri"

Amine Ennaji - "A Mile in My Shoes"

David Oyelowo - "Queen of Katwe"

Dann Jaques Mouton - "Call Me Thief"

Ramsey Noah - "76"

Jahwar Soudani - "Last Of Us"

Award For Best Actress in a Supporting Role

Inna Moja - "Wulu"

Theresa Edem - "Ayamma"

Taiwo Ajai Lycet - "Oloibiri"

Nmonde Mbusi - "Vaya"

Somkele Idhalama - "93 Days"

Angelique Kidjo - "CEO"

Award For Best Actor in a Supporting Role

Adonijah Owiriwa - "76"

Warren Matsimola - "Vaya"

Olu Jacobs - "Oloibiri"

Papi Mpaka - "Félicité"

Richard Seruwazi - "While We Live"

Majid Michel - "Slow Country"

Award For Best Comedy

"Funny Enough" (SnaaksGenoeg) - South Africa

"Three Wise Men" - Nigeria

"Keteke" - Ghana

"A Trip To Jamaica" – Nigeria

Award For Best Young Promising Actor

Pabillo Koza - "Dora's Peace"

Medina Molanga - "Queen of Katwe"

Azwille Shanane- Madiba - "Vaya"

Austin Rose - "Call Me Thief"

Adam Kanyama - "While We Live"

Lagos State Award For Best Nigerian Film

"Green White Green"

"93 Days"





Award For Achievement in Screenplay

"Oloibiri" - Nigeria

"Dora’s Peace" - South Africa

"Félicité" - Tunisia

"While We Live" - Burkina Faso/Sweden

"Vaya" - South Africa

Award For Achievement in Editing

"Call Me Thief" - South Africa

"Vaya" - South Africa

"While We Live" - Burkina Faso/Sweden

"CEO" - Nigeria

"Félicité" – Tunisia

Award For Best Nigerian Film

"Green White Green"



Award For Best Achievement in Cinematography

"The Last of Us" - Tunisia

"The Whale Caller" - South Africa

"Félicité" - Senegal

"Vaya" - South Africa

"A Mile in My Shoes" - Morocco/Canada