[SPONSORED] Free helicopter getaway to Nyungwe Forest for a 2-day trip - here’s how you can join


God tells you where to look but love tells you what to see; Real love never fails, never fades, and the greatest expression of it is giving and this is why TECNO mobile is giving you a chance to go on a trip with your family to Royal Nyungwe Forest.

Yes, its a 2-days trip together with your family all fully paid by africa’s leading smartphone manufacturer, TECNO Mobile and this is more than just a trip.

Winners will fly in a helicopter from Kigali International Airport to Nyungwe Forest Lodge where they’ll spend 2 days of at-most fun.

Day one of the trip will be about enjoying life where you and your loved ones will enjoy a swift and smooth massage by specialists, swim in blue waters, sip on a cocktail and relax your mind and muscles while listening to rhyming birds in the wild.

Day two will be living while alive where you will enjoy a tour-guided hike with your people. Here, you’ll get a chance of moving the green-thick impenetrable Nyungwe forest and also talk with the wild… WOW, I cant imagine such a treat and I know you too feel the same…

Well, being winner is simple and it doesn't require anything extra. All it takes is you sharing a photo on your social media account with hashtag #liveWhileAliveCamonCX and tagging Tecno Mobile official accounts and boom… you’re in.

You can submit a photo in any of the 6 topics where TECNO together with a panel of photography specialists will choose best out of the best but on top of that, encourage people to like and share your post too as this gives you more chances of emerging winner.

The Topics are
 Caring - this can be a photo of you with family or loved ones

 Art - this can be a photo of a drawing, or picture detail

 Muscle - we know you love doing excise and we believe you can submit that and win

 Occasion - every moment of an occasion is priceless. Share with us that priceless moment and win

 Nature - we are surrounded by beauty. Capture the unnoticed and share it with the world to win

 Creativity - this can be imagination or unexpected creation. Capture it to win