VIDEO: Beauty for Ashes release new music video to celebrate Easter


Some of the members of Beauty for Ashes. / Courtesy

Popular rock gospel band, Beauty for Ashes marked Easter celebrations with the release of a video song.

The three and a half minute song titled “The Cross” depict the full story of salvation as it is written in the Bible, according to the band lead singer, Olivier Kavutse.

“The message of the song is the whole story of the salvation from when God sends Jesus to save the world, Jesus’ death, his resurrection to the time he will come back to take his believers to Heaven.”

The song’s chorus goes “For the cross has paid all my dues. All my rights, I will choose to lose. Here in surrender, I’ll follow You...”

The video was uploaded on YouTube on Easter Sunday eve and the lyric video was also published one day before the video. Since December last year, the band has released three video songs.

The Cross song is on the Renaissance album to be launched during a concert on July 9. The album consists of 10 singles and four bonuses in three languages, Kinyarwanda, English, and Kiswahili.

“We are now busy as we try to make sure everything is well planned on time to make this concert big,” said Kavutse.

Beauty for Ashes is the only rock music group in Rwanda and it is popular in the region not only among gospel music enthusiasts but also music fans in general.

The team is made up by two females and six males from different churches. Only three sing while the rest are instrumentalists.

“The Cross” song is the 8th video Beauty for Ashes has released.