Kigali's nightlife offers a lot of unexploited potential


RE: “The mentality about Kigali’s nightlife should change” (The New Times, March 12).

Nightlife being not just about clubbing, Kigali has a head start and huge potential in generating economic benefits between 6p.m and 6a.m.

Given the better security arrangements here, compared to Nairobi or Kampala, it is safer to work in Kigali at night, arrive at night and proceed to work immediately or work late and depart at night. This makes it easy to organise work and studies in three full-time shifts.]

Stephen Omondi


This is a great read! Nightlife also has a strong economic dimension other than the social aspect. Kigali is tiny and we are soon filling up the CBD, so a consideration of spaces that can function 24hrs (even with different functionality) would be timely.

Most parts of Kigali are “dead” as early as 8p.m, with few exceptions of Nyamirambo, Giporoso and Nyabugongo.

Let’s revitalise the city.



Spot on! Negative perceptions that nightclubs and bars are places of sin and debauchery have a lot to do with this. There are still some dim pastors who regularly cite the now defunct Cadillac nightclub in their sermons as an example of lost ways.

So, we need a massive dose of perception change to embrace the nightlife leisure and one way is for important figures to be seen “chilling” there. Yes, it’s a huge economy; just ask bar owners and motorcyclists.