Chef Frausto Cornish on his culinary passion

Born in Mexico, Eduardo Frausto Cornish is currently serving as the executive chef at the Kigali Marriott Hotel. His passion and experience in cooking dates way back to when he was a little boy working in different cultural settings. He had a chat with Sunday Magazine’s Sharon Kantengwa on his culinary skills, passion for his job and work experience.

In which countries have you worked as a chef?

Eduardo Frausto Cornish.

I have worked in Mexico, France, Jordan, America, Qatar, China, Oman, Egypt and now, Rwanda. I have a degree in culinary arts, although I also have experience as a waiter and bartender.

Tell us about your experience working in Kigali.

I come from a multicultural family with many nationalities. I have also worked in more than 10 countries and travelled to over 20 different countries. I got to enjoy a variety of food due to my multicultural family, although I got a chance to study culinary, Marriott has given me the chance to build my career.

How do you find Kigali, your new place of work?

The country is beautiful, clean and safe. I have been here for only three weeks but I love it already. The people are passionate about their work and are very happy. I have three kids and my wife is South African, my family also loves to stay here. One of the biggest reasons I leave a place is because of security, and in Rwanda, we feel very safe and I can even work extended hours. The cleanliness is also a bonus, making Rwanda one of the best places to visit in Africa.

Share with us your passion for cooking.

I used to enjoy watching my grandmother make dishes in the kitchen as far back as the age of six. My passion for cooking is deep. I love simple food in my house like meat and a glass of wine. To me, the most important ingredient for a good meal is to have it with the people that you love. My passion comes from my big family as we love to make people happy.

What do you like most about your job?

Making people happy and of course, getting good reviews. I’m happy with what I do, I love to direct my team to succeed, and I love to reach my goals. I enjoy seeing people smile. If my team is happy and if the guests are happy with my team, I am happy.

What is your favourite dish?

I love to prepare meat, because it’s my favourite. I love braai (grill), with a little bit of salt and pepper, simple grill food with fresh salad, plus wine.

At work, I love to prepare meat too with high quality and fresh ingredients; currently we are working to have the best quality of ingredients to please our guests.

What is your culinary style?

I am a multicultural chef; living and working in different countries has given me the experience to serve different kinds of food. I love spices, Indian, Mexican and Thai food. I have had the opportunity to taste the mix of Malayan, Indian and European food as well as other mixes from Africa.

What would you say is your masterpiece in the kitchen?

I come from a banqueting background. I hosted banquets for up to 3200 people. As a chef, I have also made many dishes that have been considered ‘work of genius’, but as an executive chef, my goal is to build a good team that can deliver the best quality food to our guests.