The UN theatrics shouldn't surprise anyone


Re: UN prosecutor faults early release of Genocide convicts (The New Times, February 16)

So if my understanding serves me correctly, this chief (UN) prosecutor is in “agreement” with the presiding judge because it’s legally sound to release someone a decade or so into a 20-30 year sentence simply because that’s “common” practice elsewhere?

Does he not understand that what happened here is actually a first in recorded history? Or is he just doing what his likes do best? Feigning indignation while completely ignoring the cries of the real victims here, who are the Rwandan people.

And, in the same breath, he is absolving a heretic judge of his carelessness and moral corruption.

I must be missing something or could be wrong altogether.

Until we do this on our own (just like the West deals with it’s so-called terrorists), these theatrics will not end.

Ali Rukariza