Meze Fresh: Laid back Mexican


According to Jumia Food, Meze Fresh is one of the best restaurants in Kigali. Well, as far as food is concerned, I’d say it is indeed good. The traditional Mexican menu lends credence to that. And it is good, going by what I ate. The menu is not diverse. Burittos, tacos, quesadillas with three meat options and one vegetarian option. Guacamole dip is an extra.

I believe that a really good restaurant has really good food and ambience. Some choose to go with themed decor, soft lighting, and private booths. Meze Fresh is as bright as daylight with hip hop music blaring out of the speakers, a TV displaying basketball, a solitary menu on the wall behind the service counter, where one has to actually place an order, and a staff full of youthful exuberance.

The decor is as basic as you will find anywhere. Nothing tasteful, just plain and simple. The bar counter could do with a little more stock too.

As I mentioned earlier, the food is really good. The chicken quesadilla I opted for hit the spot without question. The wrapping was super fresh, right off the flat top and served warm. Not too hot to handle. Cutlery is not useful with this kind of food.If I could, I’d have ordered for seconds.

The chicken quesadilla at Meze Fresh. Above: At the counter. Photos by Michael Bageine

It would be unfair to compare Meze Fresh to more upscale establishments. This is a place that clearly has in mind the young demographic that is not too keen on fancy decor. It epitomises the casual, the laid back. I’d actually take a girl on a date here because it is the kind of place where you do not need to appear to be classy, just more of yourself. You would not need to keep an eye on the price column as well, Meze Fresh is ridiculously affordable. My meal plus a beer set me back Rwf5,000.

The staff is polite, helpful and multilingual. The service style is cafeteria like and thus enables one to choose from the fillings and toppings they’d prefer.

A steady stream of people walking in pointed to the fact that Meze Fresh is popular. I do not know what criteria Jumia Food used to rate Meze Fresh as one of the best, perhaps by sales. I think it is one of the best because of its simplicity.

Meze Fresh is located in Kimihurura, just a stone throw away from Kigali Heights.