What you missed at ‘I am Kigali Reloaded’


The artistes delivered great performances which had the crowd on their feet and left them yearning for more. (Courtesy photos)

Hundreds of people graced the I am Kigali Reloaded festival at  Rooftop of Impact Hub in Kiyovu on Monday.  

The audience was treated to traditional music, hip-hop and spoken word art, blues, jazz, rock fusion and reggae.

Featuring talents like Nganji and Blues Kinga, Deo Munyakazi, Kaya Free, spoken word artistes from Transpoesis and Sam Kwizera, the event lived up to its billing.

Inanga player Deo Munyakazi performs with the band at the, I am Kigali Reloaded,on Monday. 

Inanga player Deo Munyakazi kicked off the night with traditional music, followed by poet Ariane Zaytzeff with his poem, Could I be Kigali?

Kaya Free also gave a thrilling performance, while Sam Kwizera’s traditional dance had everyone on their feet. The mix of traditional and modern music as well as the artistes from different backgrounds reflected and celebrated Kigali’s diversity.  Performances by Strong Voice, a top Rwandan reggae band, formerly known as Young Voice, Eric OneKey and the American poet/actor Saul Williams, also kept revellers yearning for more.

The #I am Kigali campaign, run by Impact Hub Kigali together with the International Organisation for Migration, aims at provoking conversations and challenging perspectives related to migration in Rwanda.

The show is also aimed at supporting and promoting live performances in Rwanda. 

The campaign will engage Rwandans, especially those living in Kigali, on the key subjects of migration: identity, cosmopolitanism, diversity, inclusion, and social cohesion, by building a more integrated and socially-cohesive environment.

The, I am Kigali festival, first took place in December 2016 to celebrate the International Migrants Day. The aim is to  showcase the contribution of cultural diversity in making Kigali a vibrant and inclusive city.