Fourth Governance Scorecard to be released next week

Rwanda Governance Board (RGB) will on Tuesday launch the 4th edition of Rwanda Governance Scorecard, a national index that assesses governance in the country.

The publication is designed to measure and evaluate state of governance in the country and offer recommendations going forward.

The index, which was introduced in 2011, employs eight indicators to assess policy and social reforms through identifying challenges and providing actionable recommendations.

The indicators include rule of law, political rights and civil liberties, participation and inclusiveness, safety and security, investments in human and social development, corruption, transparency and accountability, and quality service delivery, among others.

Prof. Anastase Shyaka, the Chief Executive Officer of Rwanda Governance Board, said that the latest report shows progress towards a social developmental democratic state.

“By using universally recognised indicators of governance and credibly selected source of data, RGS has emerged to be an evidence based tool of governance that drives policy and social reforms in Rwanda through identifying challenges and providing actionable recommendations,” Shyaka said.

Governance experts have said that the report meets global standards of evaluation of governance and can be described as credible.

Former US Assistant Secretary of State for Africa turned entrepreneur Jendayi E. Frazer said that the index is credible, legitimate and transparent.

“RGB is to be congratulated for developing RGS into a world-class index built on global standards of governance and tailored to local context. It is transparent in its methods and sources which lends credibility and legitimacy to RGS,” she said.

The United Nations Resident Coordinator, Lamin Manneh, said that the vigorous research inputs and analysis in the report have contributed to improved governance.

“The Rwanda Governance Scorecard has, through rigorous research and empirical analysis underpinning advocacy work and policy making, undoubtedly established a proven track record in advancing good governance in Rwanda,” Lamin said.

In the previous index, published in 2015, the top performing indicator was on safety and security, with an average score of 91.6 per cent accrued from four sub-indicators; maintaining security, national security, personal and property safety, and reconciliation and social cohesion.

The indicator on rule of law and justice sector emerged second best due to increased access to justice.