PLE best performers share joy

The Ministry of Education, on Monday, released results for last year’s Primary Leaving and Ordinary Level examinations indicating an improvement in general pass rate compared to 2015. The New Times spoke to some of the top performers.

Cyndy Nina Bwiza

Cyndy Nina Bwiza, Saint Paul International School in Gasabo
‘I was overjoyed after my aunt broke the news to me. I somehow doubted but my mother confirmed after checking on internet. I was confident of passing but not among the best. Family members hugged me to congratulate me.’

Bwiza attributed her success to self confidence, hard work and parents’ motivation. “With self confidence I know I can succeed in everything. I could do my revision but also took time to rest. My parents also helped me to manage my time. They advised me not to fear during the examinations.

Bwiza asked her parents to take her out to the Kigali Convention Centre as a reward for her success.


Jean-Luc Rugwiza

Jean-Luc Rugwiza, Kigali Parents Primary School in Gasabo
‘I received news at around 2pm shortly after the results had been released. At the time I was watching a film. I was so happy. It was expected because I strived for it. Outstanding performance was my target. Hard work, good conduct at school as well as sharing ideas with my fellow candidates was the key to my success. I wish my parents organised a trip to visit the shore of Lake Kivu to celebrate.’


Aime Praise Manzi.

Aime Praise Manzi, from Wisdom school in Musanze
‘I learned about my success through internet. I was surprised to see my name on the list of 10 best performers. I thought it was someone else with the same name. I was very delighted. Before sitting exams, I prayed so that God could guide me.’ 

She said group discussions played a big role in her success. She advised other students not to be selfish on what they know but explain to others.


Shakira Munganyinka

Shakira Munganyinka, from Nyagatare Parents Nursery and Primary School
‘While preparing for exams I read beyond class notes. I am celebrating the fruits of my hard work. I feel so happy. I thank my parents for their support. They would provide me all required school materials and give me enough time to revise. I promise them to maintain good performance well in next levels.’


Benitha Kwizera

Benitha Kwizera, from Wisdom school in Musanze
‘I’m happy about my success. Such an outstanding performance shows that where there is a will, there is a way. I studied seriously because my parents encouraged me to study hard. This success is not limited to this level, but I want to pursue it to higher levels.