My New Year’s resolutions

I’ve been off the New Year’s Resolutions bandwagon for a while but I’m ready to get back on. I know we’re several days into 2017 but better late than never, right? So what am I trying to accomplish this year? Nothing grand like curing cancer, exploring the world, flying to Mars and all those things I know I won’t even come close to achieving. Instead, I want to focus on becoming a better person and here are four things I’m working on this year.

Be more accepting

I don’t hate people per se but there are certain people I would rather not associate with, which is terrible I know, since I have friends who embrace everybody, even those who’re nothing like them.

Stop sweating the small stuff

I’m picky and highly irritable and it has gotten worse the older I have grown. I hate it when someone talks too loud on the phone or laughs a certain way. I use the magic words “sorry, thank you, excuse me and please” a lot and just don’t understand how some people shove or bump into you and just walk away like nothing happened! I do understand that we all come from different backgrounds, were raised differently and some people may genuinely not know better so I will try not to glare at the next person who steps on my toes, literally.

Forgive and forget

If someone wrongs me and they apologise, I do forgive them but I can’t lie that I forget. It’s like a replay button goes off every time I see that person and I may smile but unbeknownst to them, I’m thinking back to the time they did whatever they did to me. I need to let go, especially because nobody is perfect and I’m sure there’re many people I’ve hurt too. Life’s too short to keep all these grudges. 


I need to do this right away. I’m a hoarder and I need to change that. No point in holding onto stuff that no longer works just because it looks pretty. That’s how clutter builds up. I have three year old magazines and journals which I know I’m never going to read because there’s no time and there’s a lot of new stuff coming out that I won’t get to read either so I shouldn’t buy more. 

It’s ridiculous to hang onto shoes that didn’t fit months ago. It’s not like my feet will shrink or something. I also need to give my old curtains away. I just bought a new set and I already know the kind I want next so I need to get rid of the old ones. 

Wish I had enough stuff to do a garage sale but I don’t so I need to find a charity or place that accepts clothes and utensils. I wish we had convenient drop off points. You know how supermarkets and restaurants in the “developed world” have designated locations for donations and charity boxes or jars? We need those too because everyone has something they don’t really need.