The ballerina bun


The ballerina bun

The ballerina bun is also known as the ballet bun. It’s a hair style where the hair is pulled back from the face and is twisted into a bun. It has been around since the Italian Renaissance courts of the 15th century. However, its existence can be traced back to Greece, where it was called the Greece knot.

Irrespective of how old fashioned it seems, one still looks classy with the ballerina bun. It is an up-to-date hairstyle that is loved because it looks classy, makes you look taller and, you can wear it with almost anything, though it looks better with a dress; short or long, tight or lose.

Olivier, a hair dresser, says the ballerina bun is one of his simplest hair styles. He says that he can do it for more than five people in an hour, which is almost impossible with other hair styles.

Olivier says one can even do it for herself at home, by using clips, a thread, a pulling comb, and if one is lucky to have a bun (a donut like puff holder).

“The tips on how to make a ballerina bun are very doable,” he says, “You just need to pull your hair back from your face and hold it perfectly from behind, then spread your hair in an umbrella form then roll it smoothly from its base. Or you can as well use you tube tutorials.”

Divine, a client, adds that it looks dazzling when one adds jewellery, especially if you are a bride or going for a corporate cocktail party.

Note that the ballerina bun is worn high up like a top knot on your head or down low near the back of your neck.

It can be made perfectly in every type of hair: plaited, dread locks, relaxed, natural and even wigs or weaves.

Heavy makeup is not needed if you choose to make a ballerina bun. Something simple will boost your beauty.

A messy ballerina bun also helps ladies during sports since it’s pulled back from the face and held up from the neck.