Using football as tool to fight teenage pregnancies

A campaign to fight teenage pregnancy through Football is underway.

The campaign is being carried out through women football competitions currently taking place in Nyarugenge District (City of Kigali), Ruhango District in the Southern Province, Bugesera and Kayonza Districts in Eastern Province and Rubavu District in the West.

According to organizers, the competitions are aimed at promoting the right to play for girls while sensitizing them on living responsibly.

The teenage girls are sensitised on how to avoid unwanted early pregnancies, according to Louise Furaha Umwigeme, a volunteer worker with ‘Right to Play’ a non Government Organization behind the campaign.

In a separate interview, Antoine Mudahunda, who is in charge of education in Mwendo Sector of Ruhango District, noted that when teens become aware of the dangers of early pregnancy, it empowers them to keep away from behaviour that puts them at risk.

“This holiday programme will help the kids to get more time to play instead of engaging in risky behavior that can affect their lives,’’ she explained.