It is beneficial to relate with peers

School can be fun if you recognise others in a way that makes them feel respected and important. Relating with your peers is part of your school life.

These are indeed the best years of your life in building social relationships and connecting with friends emotionally and academically. You seem to disregard your peers’ choices, lifestyles and accomplishments. Just because they don’t share similar interests with you doesn’t mean they have completely nothing to offer to you on any social or academic front.

Get out of your comfort zone and try meeting people to develop a wide circle of friends. There are certainly young people of your age out there who have similar interests as yours. It’s all about making yourself more available for interaction and you will discover huge volumes of knowledge and competencies that are lacking in you.

Peers can be a great source of knowledge and instruments of problem-solving. Don’t underestimate their potential but rather, motivate them to similarly pursue their own interests maturely. The first impressions always count when you are in school, so strive to act properly and be approachable.

Try joining or starting a school club, form productive class discussion groups to collectively promote your skills and talents as well as enhance your academic performance. Think about how your conduct may appeal to your age-mates so you wouldn’t be mistaken for being boastful which may result into total segregation and denial by your peers.

Feeling rejected can really affect your sense of belonging and ultimately your academic performance
Of course you can’t afford to isolate yourself away from your daily associates for the sake of preserving your interaction for the distant group which you consider more superior to relate with. Learn how to embrace your peers as much as you connect with the other groups.

Ask yourself if you are rewarding their immature behavior by giving them your attention and the necessary help they deserve. Their behaviour is rather a natural process and they’ll soon get over it. Being able to communicate effectively with your peers can help you explore your career life in a more meaningful yet pleasurable manner.

Be open to the possibilities and don’t skip this important experience for it counts greatly in everybody’s academic journey. Model your appropriate behaviour by being reasonable and using good communication and problem-solving skills.

That way, you will benefit a lot from your peers and they could turn out to be your best friends later.