Survivors will triumph


RE: “Of survivor stories and acts of bravery by RPA troops” (The New Times, July 6).

As a Bank of Kigali client, I have known and been attended to by Ms. Francoise Muteteli. Two weeks ago, her son and my daughter graduated from Wellspring Academy having covered Grade 12 Cambridge Programme.

I had no slight idea the lovely, kind and hardworking lady went through the hell unleashed by the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi. The survivors, many of them, have heroically been healed and continue the healing process.

I had the rare opportunity of visiting Bisesero Genocide Memorial and learnt firsthand of the resistance staged by the local Tutsi population, where Mzee Birara was their “commander”.

Birara must be happy where he lies in a one-man tomb at Bisesero Genocide Memorial because of the many who survived and lived to live in a liberated Rwanda.