Genocide: France can only conduct show trials


RE:Ibuka wants France to expedite Ngenzi, Barahira Genocide trial” (The New Times, May 10).

I cannot fathom how France will do justice to its own accomplices. France was an integral part of the planning of the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi. The story of their role in the Bisesero killings speaks volumes. Paris went as far as misleading the United Nations Security Council about facts on the ground in Rwanda so as to achieve its genocidal agenda.

Twenty-two years later, France has never taken responsibility; instead it continues to do everything possible to revise the history of the Genocide against Tutsi.

How can we expect the same people to prosecute the very people they trained to carry out the Genocide and whom they continue to protect from justice?

I am almost certain that even Pascal Simbikangwa will win his appeal as long as the French leaders continue to behave the same way.

Alain Juppe (a former French prime minister implicated in the Genocide) is running for president. Imagine if he won; he would never help bring to book the many fugitives on French soil. He would forever cover up for their crimes for, in doing so, he’s covering up his own role.