Expert Voice: Online education is equally good

Learning is often considered a usual ingredient in a working life, both for getting promotions as well as achieving extra knowledge. Online learning is increasing significantly and it’s very essential for one to discover how to learn using all accessible communication channels. This can be best suited for students with a self drive and determination for further studies. Online learning presents an avenue to study many fields and to boost the level of self-motivation. 

Although many people still consider traditional face-to-face learning as the best way to achieve knowledge and skills for their future prosperity, online learning can provide numerous exciting opportunities which can help you to balance school tasks with hectic work and family responsibilities as it will enable you to access course materials and class discussions at your convenient time and place. You are therefore faced with a task of realigning your management and organisational skills necessary to stay on top of your work; allocate an appropriate amount of time to complete each task and strike a balance between your coursework and other priorities.

One great advantage with this choice of study is that learning is self-paced and you will be encouraged to think critically and support your opinions with facts in writing, when responding to the online topical discussions. The quality of online classes can vary significantly from institution to institution because it is not always easy to predict your investment returns before you begin. Therefore, the institution and course you choose to take are very important simply because this style of learning cannot offer face-to-face interaction with your teachers or fellow students.

Similarly, doing simulated laboratory activities in online classes can be more difficult than conducting experiments in a supervised campus laboratory. Computer problems or unreliable Internet connection can cause you to miss assignment or examination deadlines.

Nonetheless, if you want to excel in online classes and get access to the necessary skills that will help you reap big in future, you need to develop a system for keeping track of all the upcoming online exams and assignment due dates as well as develop a back-up plan if computer or Internet problems occur. Other strategies include combining field practice and internships with online classes to acquire real-world experience. You will study and achieve the best of your desires.


Ronald Rutagengwa, Salesperson

What matters most is the quality of education you get at the end of the day. However, the major worry is; online education comes with a lot of challenges unlike attending a traditional class which helps you to interact and socialise with others, which greatly improves a student’s social skills. Such skills are very vital in life, and unfortunately you can’t attain them with online education.

Phiona Munezero, University student

Obviously, you should embrace online education if it is going to offer you the course you want and the quality of education you hoped for. I believe embracing an online platform as a method of learning gives you an opportunity to get exposed to different learning methodologies, and also opens your mind to creative and innovative ways of learning. Most importantly, online education supports self-reliance, which is an important life value.

Maurice Boshya, Businessman

Leaving other factors constant, what matters most is what you are passionate about and the kind of education platform that interests you most. If you are more interested in studying online, then there is no doubt you will reap big out of it. In my opinion, just be committed and embrace the new experience with a positive attitude.

Patrick Karasira, High school graduate

Studies carried out in an actual classroom can never be compared to online education. Traditional learning gives you a chance to get first-hand information. Besides, it is open to actual discussions and provides an effective room for questions and answers, unlike the online platform. Choose wisely, quality education choices should always be a priority.

By Dennis Agaba