Serena joins Kicukiro residents in planting fruits


A farmer checks on his orange fruits in Rwamagana. (Timothy Kisambira)

At least 2,500 agro forestry trees were over the weekend planted in Gahanga sector in Kicukiro District.

The mangoes and orange plants, provided by Kigali Serena Hotel, were planted during a joint activity undertaken by residents, hotel staff and Kicukiro District local leaders.

Charles Muia, Serena Hotel’s country manager in Rwanda, said the trees were expected to increase fruits on the market as well as household incomes.

“Fruit bearing trees are likely to improve residents’ welfare by increasing incomes from their crops. In 24 months, we shall be able to come back to the village and buy the fruits. Gahanga residents will supply the fruits to as well as other markets,” Muia said.

“At the time Serena started working in Rwanda; we used to import such fruits. We have been encouraging and training people on how to produce more crops and we no longer import.”

Muia added: “Our staff follow up on planted trees to ensure their protection and conservation and plans are underway to plant 10,000 agro forestry trees in Musanze in collaboration with community.”

Innocent Twagirayezu, an official rom Kicukiro urged residents to increase crop production for economic growth.

“It is not good to hear that Serena Hotel has been importing products we can produce locally. In no more than 24 months, you will be enjoying the fruits of today’s activity. We should invest more on our land,” Twagirayezu said.

Jean Bosco Kaboyi, the executive secretary of Gahanga sector, told the residents to protect and conserve the planted trees.

“You will not benefit from these trees unless you take care of them. You should protect and conserve them. Your welfare will be improved when you start selling the fruits,” Kaboyi said.

The hotel plans to plant 50,000 trees of different species countrywide in line with environment conservation by end April.