FRVB slaps fine on Ndamukunda


Ndamukunda has been served with an official last warming over indiscipline. (File)

Rwanda Volleyball Federation has slapped a fine of Rwf250,000 and a last warning on national team player Flavien Ndamukunda for assaulting referee Callixte Nyaminani during the Kayumba memorial tournament game between Mamba and IPRC-South last weekend in Huye.

The incident happened when Ndamukunda spiked the ball and Nyaminani made the call that the ball had gone off court thereby awarding the advantage to IPRC-South, something that infuriated the former, claiming that the referee’s decision was wrong.

Out of anger, the Rwanda international confronted the referee, pulling the steel chair on which the later was standing on while officiating the game. To save himself from falling, Nyaminani held on the pole which left a big cut in his palm.

FERWABA president Gustave Nkurunziza told the media on Friday that, “The federation disciplinary committee together with the association of referees agreed that much as the player had apologized for his disciplinary acts, the punishment was necessary.”

“It was decided that the player should pay a fine of Rwf250,000 for damages inflicted on the ref. He was also given a last warning, and in case he engages in a similar incident again, he will be banned from volleyball forever,” he added.

Nkurunziza noted that what the player did is not acceptable and “as part of our commitment to maintain a clean sport, we cannot tolerate such behavior. The punishment meted on Ndamukunda should be a warning to the other players.”

Ndamukunda is one of the most celebrated players of this decade, the left attacker plays for Mamba V-club; previously, he played for National University of Rwanda and Lycee de Nyanza.

Later that year, Ndamukunda signed for Algerian national league side OLK Ali Milia. After just one season as a professional, he returned home and joined INATEK in early 2013.

He aided the Ngoma District-based league side to finish second runners-up in the league and also won the Genocide memorial tournament and KAVC tournament organized in Kampala, Uganda.