Kigali Public Library launches online resource centre

Students, teachers and other readers will no longer have to stretch further when looking for reading material, thanks to the new website launched recently by Kigali Public Library.

The website that enables users explore an entire catalogue of more than 20,000 books and journals also hosts a variety of multimedia reading material.

The new online project was implemented Innovation Village.

Oriane Ruzibiza, the culture director of Village Group Ltd, told the Education Times earlier this week that the development has been made user-friendly with a lot of relevant digital content especially for Kigali Public library users.

“By allowing our users to browse our content online, view recommended books and videos and get informed about our events, we aim to encourage library frequentation for now and in a near future, encourage use of e-books and audio books,” Ruzibiza said.

The digital platform comes as part of efforts to promote literacy within the country in the long drive under the theme “Open a book, open the world” and to meet the government’s vision for building a knowledge-based economy.

Users of the platform can access reading material through the online site at as the first phase of the development of a user-friendly digital library.

Ruzibiza said the next step will include the introduction of an e-reader and a wider collection of e-books and audio books.

She added that library services on this platform are accessible allover the country.

“Access to this platform is free for all, as is access to the library. For users that want to take their relationship with KPL further, and borrow books or attend certain activities, it is possible to register online and pay via Mobile Money,” she added.