INES graduates tipped on job creation

Graduates from Ruhengeri Institute of Higher Education (INES) have been urged to be innovative and create their own jobs instead of wasting time moving from one government office to another looking for employment.

The call was made on Thursday by Dr. Alex Nzahabwanimana, the State Minister for Transport, during the institution’s 6th graduation ceremony.

The minister said that although the government still needed some competent employees, it had no capacity to employ all graduates. He encouraged those who graduated with qualifications in civil engineering to play a role in developing infrastructure.

“The government does not have jobs for all graduates; you have to be job creators instead of lining up at government offices applying for jobs. Creating your own jobs is the way to go and in doing so, you will be contributing towards national development,” he said

Fabien Hagenimana, the INES Rector urged graduates to develop skills needed by the job market so as to reduce the need for foreign workers.

“I would like to inform you that we are employing foreigners in government institutions while some foreigners come to create jobs here. We need Rwandans who can also create jobs,” he said.

Some graduates said that they had acquired necessary skills which they are committed to use in creating jobs and to perform their duties.

“I am thankful to INES for having imparted in me the skills [I have today]. I know that creating employment requires finances that are hard to secure, but while I will try to create my own job, I will also look for any available opportunity in the meantime,” said Pierre Célestin Rwicaninyoni, one of the graduates.

The Rector said INES had created an incubation centre to help graduates prepare projects that can be funded by banks. He added that they were also working on ways graduates could secure long-term loans from the World Bank’s International Finance Corporation at lower interest rates.